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5 Amazing Tattoos with Meanings that Were More than Skin Dee

tattoo design

After the tattoo comes the wardrobe. Regardless of the size, color or location of the tattoo, just show it off. But, just like any other accessory, complement it with the right fashion and let it make a statement. Remember that after a getting that classy tattoo, especially the bright and multi-colored, you consequently start dressing to accentuate them. Whether you prefer an artwork or cowboy tattoo, read on to discover five tips on how you can boldly style up your tattoo and create a lasting impression.

1. Choose your colors wisely

The last thing you need is stepping out with an inappropriately thought outfit that crashes with the colors of your ink. If you want your beautiful artwork to look best on you, learn how to accessorize it with the right colors. For instance, if you have a graphical tattoo, match it up with a plain or less graphical tee shirt and tops.

Additionally, if you opt for a colorful tattoo, don’t make it compete for attention with equally colorful outfits. Instead, wear more neutral attire. If possible, it is always advisable that you stick to monochrome clothing. Plain clothes shift the attention from your regalia to your beautiful tattoo. In such a case, even with the simplest of dresses or shirts, you will still stand out in elegance.

2. Let your dressing complement the tattoo theme

So what happens when you have the standard black or gray artwork or cowboy tattoo? These aren’t treated as their multicolored counterparts. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be worn with bright clothing articles. Remember the key here is making your dedication and endurance in getting the ink pay through the admiration the tattoo gets. But that won’t happen for a covered or overshadowed tattoo.

Have you ever considered complementing the tattoo themes with their real life outfits? For instance, if you have a cowboy tattoo theme on your bicep or neck, why don’t you match it up with a sleeveless cowboy leather jacket or hat? Alternatively, if you have an art themed tattoo, blend it with an equally neutral dress.

3. Complement them with artistic accessories

Your love for small tattoos doesn’t mean that they should go unnoticed. If apparels and themes don’t emphasize them well, apply the power of accessories. While these are highly noticeable, they aren’t disruptive. Therefore, use them to lure the straying eyes to the small and easily missed tattoo.

For instance, sunglasses will go a long way in amplifying the tear drop tattoo’s visibility. A bright necklace also increases visibility for small neck or chest tattoos while strapped boots invite attention to the inked ankle. Nonetheless, each of these should only be lovely enough to attract attention to the tattoo and not themselves.

4. Playing with the tattoo location

How does the location of your ink affect your fashion style and in effect its visibility? Because it determines what you wear. What would you do with a thigh tattoo if you were a jeans guy? If you want it visible, you will go for the hugely unfinished denim. For a rib tattoo, you might consider a loose vest or a dress top without the bra while the shoulder tattoo can be better illustrated with an off-the-shoulder top.

5. Fashionable teasers

Nothing will keep your friends and those around glued to your tattoo than a teaser appeal. So how do you put it across to these acquaintances? By playing around with your fashion to partially reveal the tattoo. For instance, for a back tattoo running through your spine, put on a slightly revealing top. On the other hand, for the inner arm tattoo, roll up your sleeves ensuring that only a part of the tattoo is visible while the other part remains tucked behind the sleeve.

Such teases draw deep curiosity from those around seeking to get a clearer view of the tattoo. Some will not get your eyes off your back, trying to figure out the tattoo while the rest wait for you to roll your slip further. They will either go away and wait for another day or troll your social media finding the clearer picture or boldly ask to see it. Either way, you win.

Bottom line

The best thing with these tattoos is the fact that whether you have a statement ink on, a lover’s image or a cowboy tattoo, they are always inviting. Now that you have already invested time and resources into getting the ink go forth and show it off. Just remember to use fashion with regards to color, themes, and accessories to make it work.

Royalty-Free Image by Pixabay