Guide to Prom

A Young Man’s Guide to Prom

There are very few chances you will get to wear a tux, so when opportunity comes, grab it tightly. In the U.S., proms are black tie events which call for any teenager to be in formal wear. Simple but classy tuxedo trousers, a formal button-down, peak lapel tuxedo coat with a great pair of shoes will get you looking at that picture for the next twenty years and saying “Man, I looked great on that day, and I enjoyed myself too.”

Guide to Prom

When you are in high school, you are still young and need to enjoy every opportunity you get. You may never get a chance to wear a prom tux rental again. So, why not give it your best during prom? Choose the kind of tuxedo you want and as long as your date is okay with it. It is even better if you select the tux based on the theme of your date’s gown. This will make everything look elegant and gorgeous. You may even be crowned “The Couple of the Night.”

Choose a nice dark color for your pants based on the coat that you have selected. Black and dark blue are great for prom night. Light colors are perfect in warm weather and during summer. Avoid heavy fabrics which will make you feel uncomfortable in warm temperatures.

Should you buy or rent a tux? You are still growing and probably won’t be attending many black tie events requiring you to wear a tuxedo. There is nothing wrong with renting a tux; it is cheap and can look great on you just as a brand new one would. With prom tux rentals, you will likely get one that does not fit well like a custom suit. You only have to look for a tux that is close to a custom fit. Go tux-shopping in different stores until you get the one that fits you properly on the shoulders and chest.

Visit tux shops the earliest you can to get a wide range of selections. Choose the kind of collar you want, the jacket style, type of cufflinks, neck or bow tie, cummerbund or waist coat and so on. Chances are you will not get all these options if you visit tux rental shops at the last minute. Therefore, make a point of shopping early.

Make sure you fit the tux before placing an order. Everything should fit well before you decide that a particular tuxedo is what you want. Once you place your order, the rental shop will let you know when the piece can be picked. It is important to return the tuxedo to the rental place as soon as possible. Don’t worry about cleaning and laundering; the shop will take care of that.

Nothing excites more during high school days like the long awaited prom. Every teenager would do their best to prepare adequately for the prom night and you should not be the exception. Selecting a tuxedo early will ensure you have an elegant wear during your prom night.