Accessories No Outfit Should Be Without

Accessories No Outfit Should Be Without

When Im putting together an outfit for the day, Im always thinking ahead to the accessories I want to put with it. There are always plenty of choices too. Whatever the weather and whatever the occasion, accessories can bring all the style you need to an outfit. I love picking out what Im going to wear. But sometimes all the fun is in choosing the accessories to bring my outfit to life.

I love hats. I think they look great. Sure, not every style of hat suits me. And it does all depend on how Im wearing my hair that day. But something with a brim can be just what Im looking for when my outfit is a little plain. I also love a pastel beret when its cold enough to wear one. I think they are so feminine. They also do a pretty good job of keeping me warm! When its really sunny, I love a big floppy summer hat. Ive even been known to wear a cap.

Jewelry is really important to me. I think it can make a statement about who you are. Some people wear it because of what they believe in. In can have sentimental power as well as making a fashion statement. My favorite on trend accessory item right now has to be monogrammed necklaces. They are so personal and can be worn with a casual outfit or something like evening wear. They dont need to be in silver or gold, but I do love to see my initials shine!

I like to wear something on my wrist and fingers as well. I think rings can draw attention to your hands. Seeing as most of us gesture with our hands, I think thats a good thing. With a good set of nails, you can look stunning. Bangles and cute girly watches help draw the attention to your hands too. They also work to elongate the arms. This looks incredible when youre wearing strappy tops or vests.

Accessories No Outfit Should Be Without

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The humble scarf can be worn in so many different ways. I think there must be an infinite number of ways to tie one. You can wear it in your hair, draped over your shoulders, or even around your waist. Theyre great for dressing your purse too! When its really cold, theres nothing quite as warming as a woolly scarf around your neck. Silk scarves look incredible in the office. And for a great, smart-casual look in the sun, wear one over your hair.

I love belts as well. You can cinch in your waist, or even create that all-important empire line. A loose belt draped over your hips can make any A-line skirt look really shapely and feminine. And what pair of jeans would look incredible without a great belt with a metallic buckle?

There will always be a vast number of accessories available every season. But even if youre putting your fashion together on a budget, you can mix and match what you already have. Accessories are perfect for making any outfit complete. What do you wear most often?