Personalized gifts for your child

There is no kid in the world that does not love gifts, especially if those gifts are closely related to them. Surprise your child with personalized gifts on their birthdays, Christmas and many other special occasions. Be creative and try using some of these ideas to equip your children with the best gear and toys and achieve ultimate happiness.

Personalized gifts for your child

Bags and wallets

If your child has many activities outside the school, then you can get them a bag for the every single activity. There are many creative designs and you can pick the ones that the best describes your child and the activity for which it is used. On every bag you can get words and pictures printed, like their favorite superhero, cartoon character or simply print “best son/daughter” or other words of your choice. The same goes for wallets. If your children like carrying their money to school, they sure can carry it in their own personalized stylish wallet.

Sports gifts

Every kid likes playing sports. To make it more fun, you can give them for birthday a T-shirt or shorts with their names on, with logos of their favorite sports club or other symbols and prints your children like. If they have some particular equipment that needs to be used, you can decorate it and make it special. Another great idea is labeling their water bottles by putting their names on the bottle so they would never lose it or mix up with somebody else’s.

School gear

For a great start at school, they will need the best gear. As a gift for the first day of school you can give them personalized pencil cases, notebooks and other equipment they can use. Print their names on everything or decorate with their favorite animals, cartoons, cars etc. Also, to protect them from rain and snow you can give them branded umbrellas, where you can print whatever you want. With various designs you can match the umbrella with their school uniforms, bag or other gear, or simply print their favorite patterns and shapes on it.

Furniture and toys

No room should be boring, especially if it is a children’s room. To make things more fun, you can decorate their room with different kinds and shapes of furniture made just for them. Put their names on the back of their chairs, on their drawers (if they share a room), set up a mirror designed just for your little girl or set up a small toy work shop for your boy. Also, you can label each kid’s bed and design it the way they want. If your kids have many toys, you can order a toy box and decorate it according to the room’s designs and your children’s taste.  These are the perfect gifts for birthdays and holidays and your children will be happy have something that only belongs to them.

Pillows and bed sheets

Fluffy pillows and fresh comfy bed sheets are always a great surprise for your child. Find out what is their favorite superhero or a cartoon character and surprise them with a set of pillows and sheets designed like that. If you have a girl, there a numerous designs with flowers, Disney princesses and ponies, so turn that bed and the whole room into a real girl’s room. Choose the right sheets and pillows and your child will spend calm nights sound asleep, feeling safe and happy.

If there is an occasion for presents or not, children love gifts. Think about some of these proposals and make your children happy and surround them with their favorite things, and you will feel better knowing how much they enjoy.

Top 10 Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory. They are worn by men and women of all ages since a good sunglass gives an elegant touch to the appearance. Try visiting the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Milan or London during summer and you will find many men and women donning the latest, most fashionable sunglasses.


Another great benefit of wearing sunglasses is that that they are good for the eyes. According to some recent studies, sunglasses can protect your eyes, the surrounding skin and lids from the sun’s UV rays. However, it is important to only wear sunglasses that combine both quality and style. Mentioned below are 10 of today’s best sunglasses that will fashionably protect your eyes and add to your personality.

Top 10 Sunglasses for Men

1.      Armani Exchange Classics

Armani is widely regarded as the pioneer of several fashion trends that have influenced the global youth from time to time. One of the most famous products offered by Armani is sunglasses. The Armani Exchange Classics are said to be an ideal choice for young men who want to appear fashionable and hip. They never go out style and are timeless.  The Classics are also famous for having a good grip. So if you desire a simple, downplayed look then go for Armani.

2.      Ray Ban Wayfarers

Ray Ban Wayfarers are considered as one of the most persistent symbols of fashion in the world of eyewear. These sunglasses are light and give a comfortable vision to the wearer.

3.      Chloe CE107S-733 Gold Green

Try the Gold Green brand offered by Chloe Sunglasses and give yourself a “rich” look. They have a beautiful, yet simple texture that is mostly admired by the younger group of males. The eyewear can be easily considered as one of the most famous product launched by Chloe Sunglasses as per customer reviews.

4.      Ermenegildo Zegna

Often classified as Italy’s finest, Zegna offers you a sleek design that will add further charm to your personality.

5.      Tom Ford Burgundy Havana

The main features of these sunglasses are its gold metal accents and solid taupe lenses. Another great fashion accessory to get your hands on.

6.      Chloe CE637S-505 Plum

A masterpiece from Chloe Sunglasses, the Chloe Plum is known for its durability and good grip. These also provide a comfortable vision to the wearer.

7.      Raen Squire

The Squire can be classified as the male version of the famous cat-eye frame. It is another great fashion accessory to include in your collection.

8.      Chloe CE648S-276 Cream

“The Cream” by Chloe Sunglasses is famous for its color and unique frame shape. So wear them and give your appearance a facelift.

9.      Ray Ban Round

These sunglasses come in crystal green lenses that are both beautiful and rare to find.

10. Chloe CE 636S-505 Brown

These Chloe Sunglasses come in a beautiful brown color and are famous for providing you an overall protection from sun’s harmful rays. They are also an excellent fashion accessory that can be worn at any outdoor activity.

Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sometimes it may feel that none of the frames in the store works for you. The problem may be that you tend to randomly pick the first cute pair and overlook your face shape. The basic step is to identify whether your face is square, heart, round or oval, and we are here to assist you in the process. Once you establish the type, you may dive in the rich offer of specs on the market. If you’re in two minds about some model or brand, choose the one that fits better and has a more advanced UV protection. Stay tuned, if you also want to find out what swimsuit goes with your ideal style!

  1. The Fancy Square

This type is characterized by the equal length and width of the face, paired with broader forehead and powerful jaw line. The ideal frame styles should soften the edges and balance out the features. If you fall within this category, favor oval or round shaped frames that would smooth out the sharp lines.

Designs, celebs and swimwear


Paris Hilton is one of the representatives of this group and she opted for large, grey ombre specs in the style of Tom Ford on one occasion. Miu Miu offers perfectly circular turtle shell sunglasses as a second option for the members of this category. The designer ones provide the UVA and UVB protection without mistake. Check twice with the cheaper ones. Match these sun glasses with vintage high-waisted swimsuits and black, elegant one-pieces. Some of the other celebs that share this face shape are Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock.

  1. The Romantic Heart

Also called an upside down triangle type, heart shaped faces are broadest at the temple spot and get more and more narrow to the chin. Frames that sport wider lower lines and a general flow without straight contours are a warm recommendation in this section.

Designs, celebs and swimwear


Our delegate for this division is Reese Witherspoon. She can often be seen wearing the classic black wayfarers, an iconic style that has come back into fashion and plans to stay for many years. Another example of heart proof shades are provocative and flirtatious pin-up glasses in cateye style, as the ones of Bvlgari. Beware of the cheap knock-offs as they may only look legit but they are rarely safe as the real deal. Beach Lolitas in bikini crop tops can be seen rocking these urban pieces this season. Some other stars that fall into the heart form category are Jennifer Anniston, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus and Collin Farrell.

  1. The Cute Round

The round faces are all about the curves and no round-the-corners. You can hardly detect the minimal traces of angular character on it. To bring this trait to the table, search for models that have sharper, straight lines that would visually extend your face for a slimming impression. The high temple multicolored frames would do nicely as well.

Designs, celebs and swimwear


Black eyed peas babe Fergie welcomes you into this part of the eyewear fashion dissection. You can’t miss her opaque, square sunglasses that effectively bring out the edge to her lovely, ring-shaped face. We additionally suggest oversized designs, like the one Tory Burch launched. They are definitely in for the sunny days. Again, we duly remind you to carefully read the small print, as some of the mid and low priced specs can genuinely surprise you with their decent quality (check the CE mark). Top Shop, Primark and Summer Living are some of the solid and inexpensive champs. Combine this eyewear with classy, monochrome beach dresses and structured bikinis featuring color blocking patterns. Pop music sweetheart Kelly Clarkson and celebs like Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and Zac Efron are some of the people blessed with this type of face.

  1. The Versatile Oval

If your face is rather elliptical, there are no models that don’t suit you. Well, it would be truly hard to find them anyway. The even character of this type is almost universal sunwear wise.

Designs, celebs and swimwearsunglasses02

The resident soldier of this happy fellowship is none other than Queen B herself. Beyoncé’s gorgeous face is often partly covered by the Ray Ban’s best-selling article, the aviators. They go great with simple white two-pieces or bikinis with a flag pattern. Some of the lucky bastards that have the most desired face shape in the entertainment industry are Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence.

Deal with it!

The popular meme on the interwebs shows a pair of sunglasses descending to the persons face when they have achieved something really awesome. Make an intelligent and fashionable choice with our help, and let your glasses be the ticket to the coolest crowd.

Be A Style Icon At The Beach

They say that every woman dresses to impress a man, and that is partially true. The fact is that they dress to impress everyone and no mater what she says about herself, every woman likes to be noticed, in a good way of course. They seek the attention and compliments everywhere they go and no matter how self-assured they might seem, they still need a few positive comments and head-turnings to boost their confidence. When summer comes, women get rare opportunity to show a bit more skin without judging, so as they workout all year long for those few months at the beach, they need to be perfect from the bottom to the top. So if you want to get all the attention this summer and be a style icon, there are several things you should pay special attention to.

Proper Preparation

girl on the beach

Before going to the beach, your body and skin have to be flawless. There are numerous clinics where you can go to correct all the little things that have been bugging you, like cellulite or stretch marks, so you can undergo a treatment to remove them. We are aware of the fact that those things come naturally, but we can also agree that nobody likes to see them on their body. Another thing about going to the beach is that you go there to get tan in the sun, but the funny thing about it is that nobody wants to appear completely pale, that is, with their natural skin tone. That is why many women practice going to tanning salons, and not only do you look better in the beach with a bit of bronze, but it is also good to have some kind of color foundation before exposing it to the sun.

What To Wear?


When men go to the beach, they wear a bathing suit on them and take just the towel with them. And women? Well it is a bit more complicated if you are a woman heading to the beach. The most important thing is to have top quality swimwear, preferably a model from the latest summer collection, in a bright color. You should also wear a big hat and sunglasses to match the swimsuit and attract more attention.

You can also put on a little bit of waterproof makeup, but be careful not to overdo it and make it look natural. You should also hit the manicure and pedicure salon and do your nails. If you want people to notice them, do not make them too long as then it is hard to do anything, but polish them in a bright color, possibly to match your new bikini.

You could also consider wearing some jewelry, but remember to take it of when you go into the water, so that they are not in your way when you swim, and it can also get damaged from the salt water.

What To Do?


While you are at the beach, make sure that you sit on a deck chair, and order a cocktail to keep you fresh. Finally, most important thing to bring to the beach is a good book to read while you are relaxing. You are here to show your body, but do not forget that after all, people appreciate an intelligent woman. And who knows, maybe a cute guy might notice the tile of the book and approach to talk to you about it – that would be a great summer love story to tell.

Start 2015 With Custom T-shirts

T-shirts and hoodies are very famous among young men and women as it is stylish and comfortable. If you are among those who thought hoodies are only for sporty look people you were wrong and you will admit it after reading what I am going to write below. Here I tell you some ways to wear hoodies

Before going to topic I feel like telling you some brief history of hoodies, The History of hoodies is traced in 1990s, its style has been changing and now becoming famous among boys and girls.

Custom T-shirts

At College

For Boys

For college select an attractive and unique designed Custom t-shirts and hoodies available to wear it with a casual jacket. Jeans go great with hoodie but not baggy jeans. Stylish jeans rolled up at the ankles looks great with it in college. Sneakers look great with this combination and also comfortable. College is a place where comfort and style both matters. For this, stylish hoodie, jeans and sneakers are the best option.

For Girls

Being comfortable at college doesn’t mean you stop looking like Chic. Pair your hoodie with slim jeans and stylish hand bag. For footwear sandals or flats both go great, they must be stylish.

Hang out with friends

For boys

If you are going out with friends , choose a bright colored hoodie, red is best pair it with stylish leather jacket and wear a pair of high tops. What jeans to wear? Go for a light washed one. This will give you an urban look. Smart and hot you are!

For Girls

With friends, Stylish Hoodie goes great with skirt. Don’t believe me? I even didn’t believe buy started when I saw a really awesome looking girl in coffee shop with black striped skirt and a nice hoodie. Sandals look great for this combination.

At Work

For Boys

It Depends if you are allowed to wear hoodie at work or not. If yes don’t give up wearing your beloved hoodie. Pair it up with sophisticated checked or narrow lined shirt. Choose alight colored hoodie and Jeans. All three things are light colored so moccasins should be dark and bright it will at a class to your look.

For Girls

Don’t choose loose hoodie to wear at work, choose a proper hoodie to hug women curves. Wear white colored hoodie and stylish narrow jeans with wedge heal shoes. Take a bright and classy hand bags with it. Wear a bright colored Lipstick to give brightness to your look.


Hoodies are Wardrobe essential for men, women and even children. No considering your Age , gender or style, hoodies go great with you. Wearing it make you relaxed and wearing it with fashion sense make you stylish also. You can wear it all days of weak. You can buy hoodies of your own choice online as many online companies launched to design Custom t-shirts and hoodies , where you can design and sell your style if you want, or can buy already designed hoodies with your favorite topic and design.

The Ultimate Guide to Looking Classy

Looking classy is definitely a skill. Some of the most gorgeous, desirable women in the world are the classiest out there. They know all of the secrets to looking hot, but draw the line between classy and trashy perfectly. If you’d like to be one of these classy ladies, use this guide to help you:


Keep Makeup Light

Classy people never pile on too much makeup. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t experiment with your look, but you should definitely avoid wearing too much tan, bronzer, or eye makeup. Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. If you do want to wear a little more makeup one day, make sure you only emphasize your lips or eyes, never both.

Make Sure Hair is Clean

Classy people always have clean, nice smelling locks. If you don’t, you can always use dry shampoo. If you suspect your hair is a little greasy, wash it or use dry shampoo, don’t leave the house and take your chances!

Don’t Flash Too Much Flesh

Classy people never flash too much flesh or wear provocative clothing. You wouldn’t want to look easy, or like you’re trying too hard. Outfits that cover us up but still flatter our shape look way better than outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Don’t forget your accessories when you’re going somewhere nice! For day to day wear, a watch and a pair of earrings may suffice. If you’re going out, diamond jewelry always looks elegant and never goes out of style. It’s always better to buy diamond jewelry in person so that you know you’re buying high quality pieces. For jewelry stores in Houston try Whiteflash. The advice you’ll get from a physical store is invaluable.

Be True to Yourself

Just because you’re trying to be classy, doesn’t mean your personality needs to go out of the window. Always be true to yourself.

Always Dress to Impress

It’s much better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Dress to impress wherever it is you’re going, and you’ll build a reputation as a classy lady. This doesn’t mean you should wear a party dress everywhere you go; just make sure you’re wearing high quality clothing.

Stand Up Straight

There’s no such thing as a classy lady who slouches! Practice standing up straight and your back will thank you in years to come.

Say Nice Things About People

Although saying nice things won’t change your appearance, it can change the way that people view you. Classy people never speak ill of other people; they usually say nice thing about people, even when the other person will never find out.

It may seem strange at first, but you can learn the art of being classy with plenty of practice and discipline. Don’t change who you are, simply aim to build up your reputation by using the tips in this guide. Oh, and don’t ever talk about how classy you are. That is definitely not classy. Good luck!

How to Shop at an Online Jewelry Boutique

If you are searching for a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry, you may want to consider shopping at an online jewelry boutique. With modern technology, extraordinary shops are available to you with the click of a button, and they can provide you with fun new accessories from around the world. In order to make sure that you are getting the best deals and catching the new styles available from your favorite online shop, here are a few tips to make your next online shopping expedition a bit easier.

Share With Friends

While it can sometimes be fun to keep your boutique find a secret, your budget will thank you for filling a friend in on your new favorite store. When placing your order, be sure to combine yours with your loved one’s to save big on shipping costs.

Find Their Retailers

If you prefer to see your purchase up close prior to making an investment, take advantage of their “retail locator” tools available on their website. Not only will you be able to feel the unique textures of your new accessory in person, but you may also discover a new store that you love and had never known about before.

Use Social Media

In order to stay up to date on their latest brands, trends, and designs, make sure to follow your favorite boutiques on social media. If you have been waiting for an item to go on sale, online stores will occasionally post about exclusive events that help you save big on your favorite jewelry.

Social media is also an excellent way to find the pieces that you are thinking of purchasing on other wearers. If you have an Instagram account, try searching for the brand or item with a hashtag “#”. You can also post directly to a brand’s Facebook page if you have a question about one of their products in order to get an expedited response.

Keep Communication Open

If you are concerned about the sizing of your new accessory, feel free to contact the company directly. There is typically an experienced customer service representative available who can help you make the best decision for an optimal fit. It is always easier to fake a fit with a larger size than with a smaller one, so when in doubt, always order the bigger size. Just in case, it is also a good idea to make sure to thoroughly read their return and exchange policies if your item is still not measuring just right.

Pay Smart

While most online boutiques are honest, reputable companies, it is a good idea to make sure that your payment is through a secure site. Before submitting your credit card information to anyone, double check that their site is accredited and that it is safe to do so.

Shopping at an online boutique is an excellent way to get a one-of-a-kind item at a reasonable price. When shopping for your next gorgeous accessory, be sure to investigate all of the smaller, personally owned shops that are littered across the Internet. In most cases, these shops will provide excellent customer service while also impressing you with their quality materials and beautiful final product.

Check out this fun infographic on the history of the handbag:


Presented By lou lou boutiques

Release Your Inner Artist With Splatter-Paint T-Shirts

Everyone has a bit of an artist in them, right? People are always happier if they let their inner artists come out to play once in a while. In order to have some fun, exercise your artistic abilities, and create some unique and fashionable t-shirts, assemble the ingredients for a splatter-paint session. You can do this alone or have a painting party with your friends. After your discount apparel online order has arrived at your home, all you need to do is gather up your paints, set up your in-house studio space, and create!

Splatter-Paint T-Shirts

Prep Time

First, order some cute t-shirts for your project. You can select one or more in your favorite colors, or just opt for white, because the paints will add pizzazz. Light colored t-shirts work best, but if you are set on darker hues, just use fabric paint that will show up on dark tones. Next, gather your paints and set up your in-home studio space. You will need:

  • Plain shirt(s)
  • Fabric-ready paint in several colors
  • A paintbrush
  • 1 large trash bag plus 2 smaller plastic bags

Cover your painting surface with the large trash bag, and stuff the smaller ones inside your shirt. That way, you’ll keep the paints from seeping through onto your furniture or the other side of your t-shirt. Depending on how messy you think you might be, consider cutting the larger garbage bag open, and then taping it securely in place.

The Splatter Paint Process

You might want to do some practice splattering before you begin to actually paint your t-shirt(s). Once you’ve practiced your wrist action to see what sort of results you can get by flicking the paints, it’s time to start decorating your actual garment.

  • Think about style patterns before you start. Do you want to cover just the front, one side, or create a splattered collar design? Make these choices before you begin.
  • Dip the paintbrush into your paint and get flicking. You might want to vary your splatter-techniques to create tiny dots as well as large spots. You can also use your paintbrush to add swirls or other artistic touches.
  • Consider doing this process to music, especially if you are having a group painting party. Art is always more fun when accompanied by backup tunes.
  • Work on one layer at a time; as one layer dries, add different colors, and be sure to start with the darkest hues first.
  • Let it dry, and then heat-press your creation(s) into permanence with your iron. Be sure to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.


Because of using the plastic bags, cleanup should be a snap. Be sure to wipe up any accidental spills before they dry, as the paint will come up much easier then. These paints are usually fully washable until they’re heat-set.


Your results will vary depending on your artistic flair, style of shirts chosen, and creative bent. You might end up with confetti-like results or something that looks like a brilliant rainstorm. You can also splatter-paint other clothing, such as sundresses, aprons, or floppy hats. Whatever you decide, just have fun! This is a great way to celebrate the playful artist who lives inside you. The more you let him/her out, the happier he/she and you will likely be.

4 Simple Style Secrets 2014

The spring/summer season in the world of fashion is the most exciting season of all. Now is the time to come out of your shell and show the world what a talented fashionista you are. In the past few months, we have seen dramatic changes in style and fashion. Pieces have gone in and out of trend faster than any of us could notice. Does anyone remember Miley Cyrus in a leotard for example? I think I’ve proved my point.

The best way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to this year’s fashion is to pick out some classic pieces. You can be sure that these pieces will not be going out of style anytime soon, so spending a little extra and investing in them is a great idea. If you think that it is time to revamp your style, then you have come to the right place. Here are just four simple style secrets for 2014.

Colourful Handbag

Invest In A Colourful Handbag

A colourful handbag is an ideal way to stand out from the crowd. Many women opt for black or grey handbags. The type of woman who does this is telling the world that she doesn’t want to stand out. She will do anything to fade into the background. This type of woman is not who you want to be.

Instead, invest in a colourful statement handbag, which will set you apart from other women. In an ideal world, you would get a Chanel side bag in blue or red as these are stylish at the moment. If you cannot afford the Chanel price tag though, opt for something similar from the high street. Top Shop have a fabulous range of handbags and are always at the forefront of trends.

Watches Are Timeless

If there is one rule that you should follow when buying new clothes and accessories, it is to get a good watch. Many women fail to invest in a high-quality watch, even though this will attract a lot of attention and is also functional.

Watches for women are a timeless accessory and one, which should be a feature on every woman’s wrist. Try looking for something simple, yet sleek such as one with a leather strap. Every woman should take the chance to invest in a quality watch which will last her a lifetime.

Maxi Skirts Are Still In

The maxi skirt has been a recurring theme within fashion over the last few summers. There are many reasons that people love this item of clothing so much. A maxi skirt is perfect for a wide range of body shapes and looks flattering on all women. A skirt in this style also allows women to express themselves in summer, without exposing too much.

When paired with a simple crop top, a maxi skirt can do wonders for your body. The strip of skin which people can see between your skirt and top is your rib cage, not your stomach. Showing off this area gives the illusion that you have a washboard stomach, when this may not exactly be the case.

But, So Are Mini Skirts

For those of you that are more daring, though the mini skirt is also a great piece. Lately there has been a surge towards 1960″s style fashion and this item epitomises that trend. If you are going to opt for a mini skirt, go bold. There is no point being shy with this trend, as it just won’t work. Choose an item in a bold and daring colour to show people that you are in control of the look.

By following these simple style secrets, you will look and feel fabulous this year. Don’t be shy when choosing items. Express yourself and have some fun with your look.

Buying Trendy Cargo Pants and Shorts Online Is the Best Way to Go For Your Budget

If you’re a parent, it may seem like only yesterday that your children were babies. Let’s say that you had three boys. Just recently, you can remember them learning to crawl, or saying their first words. Now they are 14, 15 and 17 years old. You can no longer go into a department store and buy them clothing that is on sale or on clearance. Everything that they wear has to incorporate their image or as they would say their “brand”. If you sent them to school or work in bargain store clothes, they’d be embarrassed, and you’d feel as though you’d let them down. But you know better than that. Since you want your boys to have the best of everything that’s available on the market, you probably want to find them brand-name clothes – even though those sorts of items don’t always seem like they might fit into your budget. It’s always worth it to let them bring out their own sense of style in how they dress.

Each one of your boys has a different personality, but they all pretty much have the same exact taste in clothes. They all like to wear what is in style and stay current with the latest fashion trends. This year is no different; they all want Jordan Craig camo shorts to wear. They like to pair them with a cool t-shirt or tank tops. They of course have to have the latest trend in shoes too. From head to toe they seem to want to be a walking label – but that’s all fine with you, as long as you can afford it.



However, shopping for all three boys on a budget can be challenging when buying name brand clothing. Not only is it hectic to weave in and out of the traffic in the mall, but it can be hard to corral your kids around to different stores, not to mention the fact that the sizing is inconsistent and the stock can be spotty. After a certain point, you may simply decide that enough is enoughand head to the internet to see what you can find on an online store like The Image.

This is the best route to take if you find yourself in a situation like this; find an online store that has the clothes you want and the ability to save you money. You’ll be able to shop within your budget limits without overspending, all the while wearing your pajamas in a comfy chair. Now every couple of months when you buy your kids some new clothes, you can just head over to The Image instead of a crowded mall.