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Beauty Tips for a Girl’s Night out

Girls just want to have fun and when it’s time to get together, you want to do it in style. You know how it goes; you get a group of friend’s together, pick a hot spot for the night and the rest is history. That’s the easy part. The fun part is getting all dolled up and then hope your makeup doesn’t look like a train wreck by the end of the night. How do you avoid runny mascara accidents and how can you achieve that perfect glow most women desire? There are simple tricks you can do to avoid these makeup mishaps and look and feel your best.


Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. If that’s correct, you want to make sure your windows are looking good. Keeping your eyebrows trimmed and neat is a very important step in any girl’s makeup regime. You want to try to follow your natural brow line and not try to change the shape too much. Remember, over plucking will only ruin your look. Eyebrows can either make or break a face so you want to make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re not an eyebrow pro, you may want to go to a professional and have them done. Once you have your brows taken care of, you want to use eye shadow to really make your peepers pop! For night time you can go for a dark, smokey eye. It’s a classic night time look which never goes out of style. Apply a waterproof mascara to complete the look. Many women will complain about waterproof mascara because it stays on too long. Well, what would you rather have? Mascara that runs down your face when your eyes tear up from the cold or mascara that stays put until you’re ready to remove it?

Beauty Tips


Everyone knows if you go with a smoky eye, you have to go softer on the lips. Life is all about keeping a balance and makeup is no exception. You never want to put too much on your face unless you’re correcting a blemish. First you want to line your lips with a matching lip pencil and then go over it with a nude lipstick. If you’re doing dark lips and lighter eyes, you can match your lip pencil to your lipstick. Just like dark eyes, it’s always better to go with dark lips if you’re going out at night but remember to keep your eyes on the lighter side.


Cheeks are one of the neglected features on a woman’s face. Most women forget to wear blush because they don’t see it as a necessity like eyeliner or lipstick. Well, if you’re over the age of 30, trust me, you want to wear blush. Not only will it bring back that fresh youthful glow you once had when you were younger, but it adds color to your skin. Using a bronzer can also work magic on a dull, tired looking face. Just use a big fluffy brush and sweep it across your face, highlighting your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. This will give you color and deliver that fresh, bright glow you crave so much.


Putting together the perfect outfit for your girl’s night out shouldn’t require too much time. First decide what you want to wear and be sure to check the temperature outside before you put on that super cute dress with close to zero coverage. Keep a sweater or coat handy in the car so you can grab it if you do get cold. If you’re going to wear a dress, make sure it fits you properly. A lot of times girls will wear sizes too small in dresses and a size too big in pants. You want your ensemble to come together effortlessly. Don’t follow trends; instead opt for clothing that fits and looks good on you.

There you have it! Your beauty tips for a girl’s night out will not be complete without proper shoes. Remember to wear comfortable shoes when you’re out with the girls. Most people go out in groups and tend to go bar hopping, so you want to have the proper footwear. Don’t underestimate the power of sisterhood. Ask one of your good girl friends what they think about your look before you leave the house. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Just remember your makeup and ensembles don’t define you as a person. They do however give you the opportunity to express yourself. So show off your best assets and go enjoy your girl’s night out.

Written by Edmond A. Edmond loves the fashion world and one day wants to write for a fashion magazine.