Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

At some stage in our lives we are likely to suffer from troubling back ache, shoulder injuries and other muscle pains that we could do without. Suffering from this kind of pain could be down to excessive exercise or simply the way you sit at work. Thankfully, the massage is around to relax our muscles and help treat any stress-related injuries we might have on a daily basis. A massage involves rubbing or pressing the affected area in order to allow blood and oxygen to move more freely. Massages are carried out all over the place nowadays, especially in clinics or spas. Here are a few different massage techniques used that might be able to benefit your particular form of muscle injury.

Massage Therapy

Massage for Sport

Many sportsmen and women receive massage therapy in order to keep muscles relaxed and suitable for further training. You might be aware of lactic acid build up and overworking your muscles, resulting in aches and stiffness that can prevent you from walking or moving entirely. Massages can treat any suspected muscle injury such as a strain or tear and even help prevent any future injuries. Many professional sportsmen and women have made the most of massage therapy to return to full fitness, making this particular form of therapy a vital part of any professional career.

Massage for Injury

Pulling a muscle or straining can happen as a result of everyday life and not just because of a sports injury. Many therapy centres will refer to neck or shoulder pains as an injury from a poor posture. How you sit at work or constant standing can have an effect on your back, shoulders and neck. You may find that working at a computer for many hours without breaks leads to muscle stiffness similar to that of a sports injury. Massages can relieve the tension that has built up as a result of your posture, though retaining a healthy sitting position is vital to prevent injury in the future.

Massage for Stress

Struggling at work? Feeling down? Massages are proven to help people who are suffering from depression as they help relax the entire body similarly to that of a meditation exercise. The techniques used by professional’s results in relaxation both physically and mentally. A Swedish massage is often referred to as the most enjoyable form of massage. The gentle kneading and tapping process provides relaxation and energy to the muscles.

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Emma Benteke writes for a number of online publications about physical and mental well being. She has contributed this article on behalf of Wickwoods Country Club Hotel and Spa, who provide all manner of relaxation therapies and beauty treatments in the stunning Sussex countryside.