Summer 2013 Fashion Trends

Summer is just a few days ahead and many are excited about it. You can’t blame them since enjoying the beach with close friends and having a great vacation with the whole family during this time of the year can introduce unforgettable memories. But are you truly ready for summer? Don’t ruin the experience by wearing yesterday’s fashion all throughout this festive season. If you are clueless about the hippest summer clothing this year, follow these guidelines and you surely won’t go wrong.

summer hot fashion trends

A luxurious summer with leather accessories

Of course leather clothing is still not advisable during summer since they’re not comfortable to wear during sunny days. But then again, the case is different if we talk about accessories made out of leather. Wearing them introduces a luxurious look which should be your main goal to be trendy this upcoming season. If you find genuine leather heavy and a bit expensive, you have the option to settle with faux leather which offers the same style and beauty but lighter and cheaper. Redefining any of the usual summer outfit can be easily done by pairing it with elegant leather accessories. Leather cuffs and collars are also in this summer especially those that boast a classy look.

Short jumpsuits and overalls

Fashion trends this summer suggest women to wear brightly colored jumpsuits and overalls. Wearing a leather shortfall is a cool idea but you can also choose one made out of denim to avoid discomfort. This type of clothing was once in the spotlight during the early 90’s and it’s now announcing a comeback. No one is certain about the exact reason behind this type. The only thing sure is that wearing an overall this summer will surely make you standout in beach parties or any kind of summer casual gathering. With an overall specifically designed for summer added with a gold tank top, chunky necklace, and vintage belt, nothing can stop you from stealing the show and leaving a fashion statement this approaching season.

Grab vintage cool watches

Watches through the years have transformed from basic time tellers to fashion accessories. Wearing a vintage watch can help you achieve a chic look this summer. The best part of all is that you don’t have to overspend for this purpose since cheap but cool watches are available in both local and online retail shops nowadays. The only thing left for you to do is finding one that you can trust and guarantees that all their products are not just trendy but most importantly durable.

Complete your summer look with an elegant scarf

Scarves are best-sellers in almost every dress shop during summer. They can be used to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun or fashioned to become a tank top. This popular summer accessory comes in all sorts of sizes, material, and design. You can knot, braid, or tie a scarf to create your own fashion statement. There’s no better way to expose your sexy belly button rings than by wearing a tube out of a very stylish and colorful scarf.

A fun-filled and trendy summer is guaranteed by simply following the tips mentioned above. Nevertheless, keep in mind that comfort should remain as your main goal while deciding what to wear this hot season. Search for summer outfits that are not just trendy but also allow you to move freely and fully enjoy the season’s festivities.

Fashion Outfits

This Summer Best Designer Swim Shorts

A good pair of designer swim shorts is one way to make yourself stand out on the beach of the summer. Swim shorts can be matched up to the latest trends, and can also be found in designer styles that can be both comfortable and highly fashionable. With this in mind, what are some of the best designer shorts to look out in the summer of 2013? Moreover, how should they be worn, and what are some of the things that should be avoided when you’re choosing your shorts?

Best Designer Swim Shorts

The Best Designer Shorts to Look Out For

Popular brands for swim shorts at the moment include designers that traditionally combine wearability with their own distinctive trademark. Ralph Lauren, for example, are using swim shorts as a way to experiment with pastel colours and simple but effective designs. You can also find Vilbrequin shorts that feature prints and Mediterranean inspired graphics, as well as BOSS Killfish shorts that feature bold primary colours.

If you want a classic nylon and bright pair of swim shorts, then Lyle & Scott are a good option to go for this summer. Alternatively, if you want to inject a bit of street style into your swim wear, then Boy London offer branded shorts that prominently feature its logo. Orlebar Brown shorts, by comparison, include distinctive wicker prints, while Paul Smith check swim shorts can be worn to keep you on trend.

Wearing Tips

Making the most of swim shorts is a relatively straightforward process; always go for well fitted shorts, and ensure that you try a few different styles before deciding on a final pair. Board shorts are one of the most common options to take, but you can also wear shorter styles if you don’t want to cover up your legs too much. Baggier shorts below the knee should still be short enough, though, to not look oversized.

It’s also worth thinking about how you can pair swim shorts with other items; board shorts work well with designer vests and high quality polo shirts, while printed t-shirts with graphics can also be a good idea. If you want an alternative to wearing flip flops on the beach, espadrilles can be an excellent slip on shoe – make sure that you don’t get them too wet, though. A good way to make the most of swim shorts is to accentuate bright colors with neutral t-shirts, while also matching designer shorts with branded sunglasses and hats.

Some basic things to avoid when it comes to wearing designer swim shorts are as follows; avoid overly clashing colors, and don’t skimp on getting well fitted shorts, even if it takes more time and costs more money. Similarly, make an investment in a good pair of designer swim shorts, and you’ll be able to avoid the perils of inexpensive swim shorts, which can include fraying and rapid fading in the sun.

Fashion Jewellery

Birthstones! They Are Fashionable!

The gemstones have been considered of vital importance since ancient times. It has been documented that people in 3000 BC used to think that gemstones have healing and magical properties. They used to believe that the gemstones are associated with the stars and planets which is why they used to consult the astrologers when they wanted to buy gemstones. During that time, gemstones were associated with zodiac signs on the basis of the color system. In the 18th century, Polish people started wearing birthstones or zodiac stones when they got to know about the therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Birthstones rings

Significance of birthstones

The birthstones have always been thought to bring good luck and health to the person wearing it. The gemstones are believed to be sacred and also look beautiful. So, people are tempted to wear these birthstones to take benefit of its supernatural power.

Meaning of Birthstones


Garnet which is the birthstone for January is a deep red or purple-coloured gemstone that gives protection when the wearer is traveling. It brings success and good luck to the person wearing it.


Amethyst is this month’s birthstone that acts as a healing stone and reduces the anxiety of the wearer. This gemstone is believed to bring courage to one’s heart and originates from the Greek word “Amethystos” meaning “sober”.


Aquamarine is believed to have healing properties. In ancient times, people used to think that it is the stone of the Greek God of Sea, Poseidon. Sailors used to use this gem on their sea voyages and believed that it would protect them from rough weather.


Diamond has its origins in the Greek word “adamas” which meant “invincible”. This crystal clear stone symbolizes eternal love and is believed to give courage to the wearer.


Emerald is a green stone that is associated with fertility, rebirth and love. This birthstone for May is a symbol for happiness and success. It originates from the French word “esmeralde” that has meaning “green stone”.


Pearl which symbolizes purity is believed to be the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Apart from pearl, there are two other birthstones for June known as alexandrite and moonstone.


The ancient Hindus have termed ruby as the “king of gems” though it is now associated with love and passion. It is believed that this deep-red coloured gem wards off evil and is believed to make the wearer devoted and loyal.


 Peridot is a yellow-green coloured gemstone which is similar to emerald. It is found in volcanic ashes and is a symbol of strength. Wearing this gem with gold can protect the wearer from nightmares.


Sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom and helps in protecting against evil. It is known to protect against poisons too. It is believed that poisonous snakes would die when they were kept inside a container made of sapphire.


Opal is a gemstone that is believed to cure eyesight problems and also repel evil. It has originated from the Latin word “opalus” which means “precious jewel”. It symbolizes confidence and faithfulness.


Topaz, the birthstone for November is a symbol for love and affection. It is believed to enhance the strength and the mind of the wearer.


The symbol for success and good fortune is turquoise that is the birthstone for December. It is believed to protect against evil and calm the wearer’s mind. This blue-green coloured gem is considered as a love charm that has originated from an old French term for “Turkish”.

The birthstones in earlier times were classified based on the colour system while they are now based on the zodiac signs. These beautiful gemstones provide benefits to the wearer and so they so much in demand these days.

Fashion Lifestyle

5 Great Fashion Trends Your Man Needs To Get Into

Ladies, summer’s almost here and that means days spent in the sun wearing cute dresses and strappy sandals. Why not get the man in your life to take an interest in fashion, too? Just because the weather is warm doesn’t mean he has to wear old t-shirts, ratty jeans, and shapeless swim trunks. Here are five great fashion trends that your man can get into, no matter his shape or size.

5 Great Fashion Trends Your Man Needs To Get Into

Hipster Look

Everywhere you go these days, you see guys dressed like the next great beatnik writer, wearing rolled up skinny jeans, fitted tees, canvas sneakers, and plaid shirts. Hipster style is defined as edgy and irreverent, being cool without trying to. Think vintage store goldmine.


Sick of your man sporting that raggedy baseball cap? Upgrade him to a fedora. Until the mid-1960s, no man would be caught dead without a hat. It completed his ensemble and added a dapper touch to the most ordinary outfit. The same holds true today. A fedora can add extra panache to a suit or can spruce up an otherwise blah khaki and polo shirt ensemble. Have your man pair it with a tank and jeans for that offbeat, ironic look.


Forget about those baggy numbers your man likes to veg out in. Today’s denim trend is all about being fitted. Try the new slim fit, straight-leg styles. These are versatile because you dress them up or down. Roll up the cuffs for a trendy look or pair with a nice shirt for going out. Check out cool denim clothing from Reem Fashion’s website for the latest looks.

Trunk Shorts

Don’t let your man wear those old shapeless swim trunks to the beach. Opt for trunk shorts instead. Longer than briefs, but tighter than standard swim trunks, they hit about three inches from the knee. Since most men usually have great legs, why not show them off?

Tailored Suits

Bespoke tailoring has long been a hallmark of a sophisticated and urbane gentleman. Even if your man can’t afford to book a flight to Savile Row and pay for a handmade suit, he can still get one off the rack and have alterations done. You’ll be surprised at how a simple dart placed here or a stitch in the hem there can elevate a man to sartorial excellence.

Try one of these trends on your guy this summer. Chances are, you’ll both be happy with the results.


3 Most Popular Celebrity Fashion Designers in UK

Amy Childs Clothing

Amy Childs clothing was launched in 2012 and it has swimwear, dresses and casual clothes. The casual wear includes track suits and sleepwear that includes onesies and shorts. These come in a variety of colors such as bubblegum pink, hot pink, purple, turquoise and others. The swimwear has trendy bikinis and monkinis that come in various flattering colors and designs.

Amy Childs Clothing

Amy Childs dresses are some of the best in designer clothes because they are designed to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. The dresses are trendy yet classic. The 2013 summer collection boasts airy maxis and lace dresses which are fashionable yet weather appropriate. The also come in plenty of the seasons trendy colors such as yellow, mint green, coral, turquoise and black and white. There are pencil dresses, shift dresses, peplum dresses and body con dresses that come in various lengths such as mini, knee length and midi length dresses. There are also some very flattering summer must have maxis that come in various designs, prints and colors. Some of the trendy designs that the dresses feature is the Chevron design, monochrome colors and lace dresses. The clothing from Amy Childs clothing is affordable and of very good quality

Jessica Wright Clothing

Jessica Wright clothing line is designed to flatter the woman’s figure. The dresses feature plenty of lace and sequins and cling to the curves of a woman’s figure. Jessica Wright clothing is different from many other clothing lines as it injects a twist of personality on common designs of dresses.

Amy Childs Clothing

The Jess is a floral shift dress that is midriff bearing while there off shoulder pencil dresses in lace. All the designs incorporate a touch of sexiness while using the latest colors, prints and fabrics in the clothes. The dresses are also affordable with most retailing at less than 80 pounds.

Lydia Bright Clothing

Lydia Bright clothing is very trendy and girly. The dresses are girly and they are made with trendy fabrics and they also incorporate colors that are very in season. Some of the popular dresses in the celebrity clothing line are the swing dress which is loose and short so that it is fun. It has a lace top that forms cute cap sleeves that add a classic elegance to the dresses these come in a variety of colors such as black, white and nude. The pencil dresses have an added lace collar or lace sleeves which make the dresses look really feminine which is one of the largest appeals of this clothing line.

Amy Childs Clothing

There are shift dresses, body con dresses, mini dresses, maxi dresses and so many other types of dresses. They come in different colors and prints such as the embellished deco dress which has beautiful sequined detail that is perfect for a night out or a cocktail. The dresses are affordable and most cost less than one hundred pounds. Other clothing available is tops and shirts that of the same impeccable quality and detail as the dresses.