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Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Day – Fight Back With New Treatments

One of the greatest lies we’re all told as teenagers is that acne is something that only happens when you’re an adolescent. Many of us find ourselves suffering from acne in our youth, but pop culture and the adults around us often reassure us that it’s a problem that disappears, magically, the second we leave high school. Unfortunately, if you are an adult who suffers from acne, there’s a good chance you know firsthand how untrue this actually is. Anyone can suffer from acne, and its exact causes are often unclear. The suggestions the internet and even some physicians provide for sufferers of acne are pretty much always the same – commonsense lifestyle tips like cutting out sugar and oily foods, or drinking more water and remembering to wash your face every day. But what are the options for people who have tried those solutions and found themselves coming up short? Should they just accept acne as an inevitable, constant fact of life and learn to life with the reduced self-confidence this condition can often bring with it?

The short answer is, of course not. There are several treatments available to treat acne. Chemical peels using glycolic acids work well as a solution for acne and the scars it can leave behind. Glycolic acids are gentler on your skin and penetrate deeper than lactic acid (another more traditional treatment for skin issues), increasing the effectiveness of the peel. While lactic acid works to moisturize the skin, glycolic acids can actually do more to reduce oiliness and breakouts.

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One of the worst things about chronic acne is that even after it’s gone, its effects can still linger. Acne scars can be time-consuming to cover up, and spending a hefty chunk of your money on concealers, primers and topical treatments that may or may not actually help your skin recover is nearly as frustrating as the scars themselves. One solution to the problem of acne scarring that’s worth exploring is microdermabrasion; a non-surgical procedure that utilizes aluminum oxide crystals to treat the existing scars on your skin. This process removes surface layers of skin, exposing healthy skin cells and helping your skin to recover from scarring faster. Not only is the treatment gentle and drug-free; this process actually does wonders to smooth out the texture of your skin and restore its elasticity at the same time. The key to receiving a good treatment is to find a great clinic with a great reputation, like the Hairfree Laser Skin Clinic (find them at

These treatments are virtually painless and last about 30 minutes. The recommended frequency for optimal results is one treatment per week; you can continue the treatments for as long as you want until you feel you’ve achieved the look you want. The process revitalizes your skin tone and works on all kinds of facial scarring, as well as helping to remove excess oils from your skin and helping it stay healthy-looking long after the treatments have finished.


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Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Facial Today

Facials are a great way of improving the appearance of our skin, but not only that; they can help us to relax and unwind too! Facials are beneficial in many ways, especially when done once a week in conjunction with a good diet – your skin will glow like never before. Want to know why we think you should treat yourself to a facial today? If you ever needed an excuse to treat yourself, we’ve got them all here. Read on!


You’ll Get a Chance to Relax

Do you ever get a real chance to relax? If you’re a lady of leisure, you probably do…but who’s a lady of leisure these days? It’s very rare in our modern day hectic lives that people get a chance to just lie back, chill out, and take an hour to themselves. A facial will give you just that, plus many more amazing benefits.

You Deserve a Treat

We bet you work hard, most days. Whether that’s with a hectic work schedule, a grueling gym routine, or a couple of kids to look after – you deserve a treat. You’re probably always helping other people, doing so much for them and expecting so little in return. Why not treat yourself for once?

You Can Do it Yourself

Even if you don’t have the money for a professional facial at a salon, you can do it yourself at home for a fraction of the price. All you need is a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliant, and face mask to suit your skin type. For example, for more mature skin you could use Anti aging serum by vbeaute in place of the moisturiser. Spend plenty of time working the products into your skin, and while you have the mask on, lie back and relax. Stick a couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes to soothe them too!

Your Skin Will Improve

Your skin can improve straight away after just one facial. Your old, dull skin cells will be scrubbed away to reveal a brighter complexion underneath. It’s amazing! Plus, with regular facials you’ll notice a difference in skin imperfections, wrinkles, and other annoying things permanently.

You’ll Feel Refreshed

The second you finish your facial you’ll feel relaxed, but refreshed. Just looking at your new smooth skin can make you feel like a new woman!

You’ll Be Supporting Local Business

All towns need to support their local business in order for those towns to thrive. Go to a good salon in your area to support them, your town, and enjoy the benefits mentioned above while you’re at it! It’s like a good deed for both you and the salon.

Just Because!

Oh, why the hell not?! Just do it! You only live once, so just treat yourself to a facial today for no reason at all other than because you want to. You deserve it, babe!

Is that reason enough for you to get a facial? We thought so, now quick…head down to the salon to make your appointment before you change your mind!