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A Complete Guide To Buying Wedding Gowns

Its time to pick out your wedding gown and you are scared senseless. Will you get the gown that is perfect for you? If you do find it, will you be able to afford it and what if you cannot? These stressful questions are more than enough to drive a bride-to-be insane with stress but rest assured, nothing bad is going to happen. With our top tips, you will definitely find a snappy and chic wedding gown for yourself in an affordable price range.

Wedding Gowns

Start shopping early

Trends change rapidly but you have to start browsing early to ensure that you have a list of retailers or online websites ready. For example, if your wedding is in January, you have to search and find your wedding gown at least three months in advance. That means you have to start searching 6 — 9 months prior to your wedding date to find the perfect gown in an acceptable price range. This time is necessary as it allows time for store sales, seasonal discounts and fashion seasons.  Moreover, if you have a longer time to shop, you are more likely to find a good dress in your price range.

Have a clear idea of what you want and what suits your body type

This is essential as styles and personal choices tend to vary considerably. Traditionally, white gowns with long trains are de rigueur but even Kate Middleton went the unconventional way with a trendy ball gown shaped dress with a short train. If you want white, that is fine as the choice is endless but colored gowns are good as well. For example, gold and silver gowns or multi-colored gowns are very popular at present.

At some weddings, the bride and groom wear color-matched gowns and suits. Printed gowns are also perfectly fine. As you can see, the choice is yours and this influences the cost of the dress. Once you have decided on color, it’s time to determine body shape. Different body shapes require different styles of dresses. For example, thin bodies can literally wear any type but stocky brides require empire necklines and sweetheart necklines that camouflage the bulk and provide visual appeal. Once you have determined color and body shape, you can actually start browsing for the dress.

Browsing at local stores and at online stores

Browse before you buy anything as it gives an idea of what is available. If possible, try on as many dresses as possible and wear them with the accessories. Try on dresses early in the day and late at evening as well to understand how they look like in bright sunlight and in the evening. Browse international designers and check out the latest styles and trends as well. Online retailers will also list the latest styles and you can browse for style, color, and price.

Buying your dress

We recommend you buy online at specialty stores like Bridal Warehouse. This store stocks several unique dresses from almost every major designer and in every price range. Buying from Bridal Warehouse is a good idea as the company has tie-ups with local retailers and you can try out your dress and get modifications done to the dress.


Five Important Things You Need to Sort Out with Your Live Band Before the Wedding

Managing to book a top live band is only half the battle to ensure the best entertainment for your big day. The other half involves properly coordinating the details of your wedding with the group. Here are five important things you should tackle with your chosen musicians before the special day arrives.



The place where your wedding will be held could impact the performance of your chosen group. So to ensure they will be able to give it all out on your big day, let them know about the venue. Give the band the full postal address along with a detailed map and direction of the place a month before the wedding. This will ensure that they will easily find their way to the venue and prevent delays.

Additionally, inform them if there are restrictions or limitations in the venue so they can make the necessary adjustments well in advance. You also need to give them an insight about parking and sound checking. Likewise, coordinate with them to know what the most ideal stage set-up is. Even the best band with excellent equipment won’t be able to perform well if the stage is too small, too low, or placed at the wrong side of the venue.


You have likely furnished your band with the list of songs they will be playing for your big day as well as the songs they should not play. However, if you have requested new tunes for the occasion that the band has to learn, take the effort to give them a copy of those songs, specifically the versions you like to hear. Doing so will ensure that the group will have ample amount of time to practice and perfect the tunes for the event.


Remember that coordination isn’t just for the entourage. The musicians you have hired should also dress their part so they will fit in with your overall wedding style. In such case, consider giving clothing guidelines to the group. For instance, if it’s a black tie affair, then it is only fitting that they stick with the theme and don the same thing as the groomsmen and other male guests. The point here is that the members of the band should be able to present themselves well on stage.


Be clear about the equipment your band will bring to the venue and ensure their instruments have passed PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing). As more and more venues are getting tighter with the type of equipment that can be brought in by musicians, PAT certificates and stickers are a form of guarantee that the equipment is safe to use.

If the venue will be providing the equipment, make sure that you let the band know about it. It is possible that they require certain equipment for their performance, which you will likely have to pay extra.

Arrival and set up times

You typically hire a band for a minimum of four hours, excluding the ceremony, cocktails and overtime. As such, if you want to maximize the amount of time you have paid for, what you want to do is to be clear about their arrival and set up times and these should be written in the contract. Paying for a 15- to 20-minute cushion in the beginning will ensure that band members will not arrive a few minutes before showtime and will prevent them from doing sound check once the guests are already in the venue.

Laurent Bryant is a seasoned writer who greatly enjoys writing tips and advice about weddings couples can use to make wedding planning a breeze. She is also a regular contributor for Northern Star Music.

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Top Tips to Properly Accessorize Mother of the Bride Dress

So you’ve finally found the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding and you’re probably excited to help her and her fiancé put all the finishing touches for their big day. However, just when you thought you have all the bases covered, you realized that you still need to find the right accessories for your attire.

As you are probably aware, every great dress will only look complete with the right accessories. So finding pieces that will complement your MOB dress should never be considered an afterthought. Here’s how to put the bling and style on your wedding day look.

bride dress

Seek guidance from the bride

Sure, you want your individuality to shine through and picking your own accessories will help you do just that. However, it is also a good idea to consult with the bride because she might have some parameters or guidelines when it comes to accessories–stick with crystal accessories, stay within the pearl family or avoid wearing bracelets, etc. Taking this step will ensure that you don’t end up wearing a piece that is not consistent with the bride’s requirements.

Take cue from the bridesmaids

As the mother of the bride, you are not required to wear the same accessories as the bridesmaids. However, you can complement your pieces with theirs. For instance, if the bridesmaids are wearing sparkly jewellery on their hair, you can wear a sparkly brooch to create a unique look for yourself but works together aesthetically with the rest of the bride’s entourage.

Stick with simple pieces

Remember that simple is elegant and this applies well when using accessories. The point here is that you should choose at least one or two pieces that make a stunning statement. For instance, if your dress is iridescent, a pair of simple earrings and a bracelet are enough to complete the look.

Forget the time

While you do value time, it’s better if you will just leave your watch at home. After all your daughter’s wedding is not the day to think or worry about time. It is an occasion that should be savoured. If you wear a watch, you might just end up frequently checking it, which is not a good etiquette when such a momentous occasion is being held.

Shoes that fit

This is not the time to wear designer shoes. What is important is to pick a lower priced pair that goes well with your outfit and will allow you to walk comfortably. Shoes that are in nude tone or shades of platinum or gold work well with various coloured MOB dresses. As for the height, opt for a pair with moderate heel height (two inches), as this is enough to help make your legs look longer, while steel letting you walk without teetering.

Purse it

Bringing a small purse is a good way to keep your touch-up essentials handy. There are a number of purse styles to choose from, including drawstring pouches, wrist-strap bags and clutches. Pick one whose size is enough to stash away your lipstick and other make up essentials and complements your wedding day attire in style and colour.

Millie Turner is an avid blogger with a big love for wedding fashion. She also enjoys exploring wedding trends which is apparent in her writings. Currently she is a regular contributor for Frox of Falkirk.

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How to Shop For a Wedding Dress with Your Family

It is not unusual for a bride to want her family to be part of the gown shopping experience. She will often invite her mother and sisters. More unusual is the bride that brings her extended family, including future in-laws, plus a few close friends. The bride is inclined to bring the person paying for the dress, usually her parents. But even if she is paying for her own dress or the fiance will foot the bill, the bride deep down will still want the support and approval of her mother to make her confident enough to make such a big purchase.

Wedding Dress

The Family Drama

St. Louis bridal gown shops has seen it’s share of family drama unfold in their changing rooms. Even with the help of a consultant, some family friction cannot be avoided and the true dynamics between the women of a family is bared right in the fitting room. Sometimes the dress selection is not even in control of the person wearing the dress, which is really sad. A woman who is mature enough to get married should be able to stand up to her family and friends and be confident in what she wants or does not want.

Know What You Want

The bride needs to know her body enough so that she knows what looks good on her. A consultant can help in that matter and bring the bride dress that will look best for her body shape. A bride who has a list of dresses she has in mind will also need to keep an open mind because what looks good on a model does not necessarily look good on her own body. Models in fashion magazines create the illusion but the reality is clearly in the mirror when the dress is worn on your own body. Once you find the dress, you will know it and need to stick to your guns even when family objects.

Compromise When Needed

Sometimes your family will be right, and the wisdom to see that will save your dress shopping day. When grandmother says you are showing too much back crack or too much cleavage, you probably are not going to be let into the church. If your family and consultant both agree, you might want to take a backseat on some issues and try to see their point of view because you could be wrong too.

Let Your Family Help Keep You Within Budget

Family and friends should be the kind of people who keep you grounded. While your wedding day is your day, you want to keep a level head and spend within your means. Nobody wants to start their marriage in debt. Shopping with your family needs to have the positive effect that they keep your within your budget even as you want to buy whatever you lay your eyes on in the bridal shop. If you are paying for your own dress, you have more power on how much you are willing to spend but still keep your family involved even when you are independent.

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Affordable Options to Buy Wedding Gown Evansville IN

Outfitting in an elegantly designed wedding gown is the dream of all women who are soon to get married. However, finding an ideal dress for the big day is not very easy. In fact, it is the most herculean task. Moreover, the prices of bridal dressing are on the rise. Under such circumstance, picking a well designed gown is out of the reach of many ladies. However, it is still possible to buy the most luxurious and well made dress without breaking your bank account. Following are some of the handy tips and venues that will help you in getting the desired wedding gown Evansville IN at an economical price.

Wedding Gown

Since bridal dresses are intricate pieces designed to be costly and ideal for a wedding ceremony, any flaw in making the dress rejects the piece from being selected by any bride. Hence, manufacturers separately market defective pieces at highly discounted price. If you wish to own a top class bridal gown made by a reputed designer at a very low price, consider buying a defective piece. It might sound uneasy to buy a defective piece for the best day of your life. However, the defects are minor and they cannot be easily identified by any person. Moreover, you could save about 50 percent of the price by picking a top designer piece with minor defects.

Shopping well in advance is another great way to buy the best wedding gown at economical prices. The biggest benefit of early shopping is you have ample time to buy your favorite dress. Hence, you get an opportunity to explore all possible options to pick the best gown matching your preferences and likings. On the other hand, the last minute purchase can be nerve racking, and you will end up making an unappealing choice at a higher price tag.

Buying discount wedding gowns is another cost effective option to own a gown of your choice. A number of stores deal in providing wedding gowns made by various brands at huge discounts. There could be many reasons for discounts on bridal dresses. Perhaps, a particular company is having a very big stock of wedding dresses of certain styles and designs. Similarly, there are cases when a company would like to clear its old stock to introduce new designs in the market. No matter the reason, you are on the winning side by shopping at stores that sell discounted wedding gowns.

Online shopping is probably the most affordable option to buy bridal gowns of your likings and choice. There are literally thousands of outlets on the web that specialize in deals and discount offers on wedding dresses. Thus, you have ample choices to choose the best gown matching your budget and preferences. Above all, shopping on the web allows you to explore multiple outlets at once from your computer desk. As a result, you are in a better position to find the right gown for the big day at pocket-friendly prices. With the availability of so many money saving options, buying your preferred wedding gown Evansville IN within your budget range is not at all a big problem.

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A Young Man’s Guide to Prom

There are very few chances you will get to wear a tux, so when opportunity comes, grab it tightly. In the U.S., proms are black tie events which call for any teenager to be in formal wear. Simple but classy tuxedo trousers, a formal button-down, peak lapel tuxedo coat with a great pair of shoes will get you looking at that picture for the next twenty years and saying “Man, I looked great on that day, and I enjoyed myself too.”

Guide to Prom

When you are in high school, you are still young and need to enjoy every opportunity you get. You may never get a chance to wear a prom tux rental again. So, why not give it your best during prom? Choose the kind of tuxedo you want and as long as your date is okay with it. It is even better if you select the tux based on the theme of your date’s gown. This will make everything look elegant and gorgeous. You may even be crowned “The Couple of the Night.”

Choose a nice dark color for your pants based on the coat that you have selected. Black and dark blue are great for prom night. Light colors are perfect in warm weather and during summer. Avoid heavy fabrics which will make you feel uncomfortable in warm temperatures.

Should you buy or rent a tux? You are still growing and probably won’t be attending many black tie events requiring you to wear a tuxedo. There is nothing wrong with renting a tux; it is cheap and can look great on you just as a brand new one would. With prom tux rentals, you will likely get one that does not fit well like a custom suit. You only have to look for a tux that is close to a custom fit. Go tux-shopping in different stores until you get the one that fits you properly on the shoulders and chest.

Visit tux shops the earliest you can to get a wide range of selections. Choose the kind of collar you want, the jacket style, type of cufflinks, neck or bow tie, cummerbund or waist coat and so on. Chances are you will not get all these options if you visit tux rental shops at the last minute. Therefore, make a point of shopping early.

Make sure you fit the tux before placing an order. Everything should fit well before you decide that a particular tuxedo is what you want. Once you place your order, the rental shop will let you know when the piece can be picked. It is important to return the tuxedo to the rental place as soon as possible. Don’t worry about cleaning and laundering; the shop will take care of that.

Nothing excites more during high school days like the long awaited prom. Every teenager would do their best to prepare adequately for the prom night and you should not be the exception. Selecting a tuxedo early will ensure you have an elegant wear during your prom night.


Important Wedding Must-Haves for the Bride

When planning a wedding, there are many things that you will need to keep in mind — flowers, centerpieces, DJs, invitations, decorations, and a lot more. Your mind will be filled with dozens ofoptions, appointments, and a long to-do list to accomplish. While you are concentrating on planning the perfect wedding, make sure that the basics do not slip through the cracks.

Here is a list of the few absolutely crucial wedding must-haves that every bride needs for her wedding. You might think some of them are obvious, but it can be tricky to remember them when all of your other planning details have occupied your brain.

Bride’s Emergency Kit

If disaster strikes in the form of smudged mascara, a broken hair elastic, a loose thread or a blister on your heel, your emergency kit will have you covered. Your bride’s emergency kit should include plasters, aspirin, hair clips, safety pins, a nail file, deodorant and anything else that you might need. A good wedding planner should have a kit already assembled to save you from whatever disaster that arises.

Someone Who Makes Sure You Stop to Eat

This might sound ridiculous but it is important to have one of your bridesmaids looking out for you to make sure that you take a break from the festivities and actually have something to eat. With all of the photographs, speeches, dancing, constant smiling and hugging with well-wishers, you are the centre of attention during your wedding. It is easy to get distracted and not get a moment to yourself. Ask one of your friends or relatives to make sure you do not get too distracted to stop and enjoy the food.

top wedding planners


Throughout the day you might need to spend a little cash, such as for tipping the hairstylist or the bellhop at the hotel. You do not want to always rely on others to provide this need for you.

List of Important People for the Wedding Photographer

Make a list of the people who are nearest and dearest to you. Identify them to your wedding photographer before the big day begins. Let your photographer know that you are hoping for them to capture moments with the people closest to you. You can also create a similar list for your significant other so that there are enough photos from each side of the family.

These are just a few important wedding must-haves so that you can be prepared for your special day.

Let One Heart Wedding Help You to Plan the Perfect Wedding

While the bride is taking care of all these must-haves, a professional wedding planning company can make sure that all your wedding details are taken care of. A top wedding planner will be able to take care of the entire planning and preparation for your wedding so that you can relax and enjoyyour wedding day.

One Heart Wedding is a one-stop wedding planner service with a pool of talented in-house wedding specialists. They will be able to help you with all aspects of your wedding design, from the chic and fashionable invitation and stationery to the lighting, flowers, and venue decoration. Let these experienced professionals help you plan your wedding and reduce the stress that comes with putting together this special day.