Choosing The Perfect Hair Dryer for Your Salon

Hair is a very complex set of cells on our body. Hair allows us to express our personality or tell a story that we are proud of or not ready to tell ourselves just yet. When styling a roster of clients, it is important that you choose the correct professional hair dryer for your salon. Using a good quality hair dryer will protect hair from excess damage, make styles last longer and speed up the styling process.



Choose ceramic heating over metal or plastic heating because dryers that have metal or plastic heating tend to burn with prolonged heat and tend to dry hair unevenly. Ceramic is a higher quality material that has unique properties which allows for more even drying.


If possible, you should choose a salon hair dryer with ionic technology. What this means is that the blow dryers with ionic drying infuses negative ions into the hair. This will cause the hair cuticle to trap moisture and reduce the frizz which is causes by positive ions. Positive ions cause the cuticle of the hair to become frizzy and dull. Negative ions counteract this effect.


Tourmaline is a treatment that when combined with ceramic heating, it causes the heat to be more gentle and even. This means that if the ceramic elements have been coated with tourmaline, it will produce less hair damage from harmful levels of heat. Studies show that tourmaline also generates negative ions which in the end will dry hair up to 70% faster than dryers that have not been infused with tourmaline.


Wattage is very important. Choose a hair dryer with a higher wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster you’ll be able to get your client on their way with beautiful hair. Professional grade hair dryers are normally around 1300 watts or higher.

Speed Settings

It is advised that you choose a hair dryer with different speeds and heat settings to accomidate a wide variety of hair types of your salon clientel. If the hair is damp, you will want a low heat just to finish it off but if you’re drying hair to suit a specific style, you might need another heat and speed.

Comfortable & Lightweight

For long days, choose a hair dryer that is ergonomic and lightweight. Professional hair dryers tend to be very light as they are designed to be held and used all day every day. It is easier on your wrists and reduces the risk of hurting yourself, as well as makes it easier to travel. To conclude, it gives you a much easier reach and will allow you to dry your hair in a more evenly spread manner.


This step is only for stylists who need to travel a lot to clients. Make sure that the hair dryer that is compact and easy to travel with. If you travel internationally, make sure it has a universal plug so that you will not need an adaptor every time you travel

So there it is, every essential point you need consider when choosing the best salon hair dryer.