Wedding Gowns

A Complete Guide To Buying Wedding Gowns

Its time to pick out your wedding gown and you are scared senseless. Will you get the gown that is perfect for you? If you do find it, will you be able to afford it and what if you cannot? These stressful questions are more than enough to drive a bride-to-be insane with stress but rest assured, nothing bad is going to happen. With our top tips, you will definitely find a snappy and chic wedding gown for yourself in an affordable price range.

Wedding Gowns

Start shopping early

Trends change rapidly but you have to start browsing early to ensure that you have a list of retailers or online websites ready. For example, if your wedding is in January, you have to search and find your wedding gown at least three months in advance. That means you have to start searching 6 — 9 months prior to your wedding date to find the perfect gown in an acceptable price range. This time is necessary as it allows time for store sales, seasonal discounts and fashion seasons.  Moreover, if you have a longer time to shop, you are more likely to find a good dress in your price range.

Have a clear idea of what you want and what suits your body type

This is essential as styles and personal choices tend to vary considerably. Traditionally, white gowns with long trains are de rigueur but even Kate Middleton went the unconventional way with a trendy ball gown shaped dress with a short train. If you want white, that is fine as the choice is endless but colored gowns are good as well. For example, gold and silver gowns or multi-colored gowns are very popular at present.

At some weddings, the bride and groom wear color-matched gowns and suits. Printed gowns are also perfectly fine. As you can see, the choice is yours and this influences the cost of the dress. Once you have decided on color, it’s time to determine body shape. Different body shapes require different styles of dresses. For example, thin bodies can literally wear any type but stocky brides require empire necklines and sweetheart necklines that camouflage the bulk and provide visual appeal. Once you have determined color and body shape, you can actually start browsing for the dress.

Browsing at local stores and at online stores

Browse before you buy anything as it gives an idea of what is available. If possible, try on as many dresses as possible and wear them with the accessories. Try on dresses early in the day and late at evening as well to understand how they look like in bright sunlight and in the evening. Browse international designers and check out the latest styles and trends as well. Online retailers will also list the latest styles and you can browse for style, color, and price.

Buying your dress

We recommend you buy online at specialty stores like Bridal Warehouse. This store stocks several unique dresses from almost every major designer and in every price range. Buying from Bridal Warehouse is a good idea as the company has tie-ups with local retailers and you can try out your dress and get modifications done to the dress.