Getting smokin’ hot

What Everyone should know About Eye Makeup

Most of my teens was spent in perfecting the emo chick look (I thought it was oh-so-cool, you see!). That included dressing in black from head to toe (nails included), coloring my hair purple (or sometimes red- the color changed according to my mood) and of course, piling on the makeup while listening to Green Day on full volume (Billie Joe Armstrong was my ultimate crush!).Feels like it was yesterday!

My teen avatar soon gave way to a more sophisticated me (thankfully!), but I did learn a thing or two about makeup, especially eye makeup, along the way. All those years of experimenting with shades and styles were not a waste after all!

Care for some eye makeup 101? If you’re a newbie or just interested in brushing up on the basics, these are a few essentials you should always remember when it comes to jazzing up those pools of beauty.

Prepping your peepers

Nothing like primer and concealer to give a good base for your eye makeup! Primer makes sure you have a flawless canvas to work your magic while concealer makes dark circles and under-eye bags do the disappearing act. An absolute necessity for eye makeup, here’s a quick tutorial in applying primer before you put on your dazzlingeyeshadow.

Winging it out

Winged eyeliner or the cat eye is a universal favorite that rings in a little extra something for your eye.You can make this classic makeup style your own by customizing the cat eye with a hint of color. Make sure you’re armed with an angled brush, firm elbows and a steady hand to get even lines that are sure to be the envy of many. Here’s a 4 step eyeliner process to help you get the perfect cat eye. Keep practicing and you’re sure to master it in no time!

Getting smokin’ hot

Getting smokin’ hot

A tribute to my emo days, the smoky eye has always been a favorite of mine. It’s the ultimate eye-popping look that every girl must try out at least once (you’ll go for it over and over again, I promise!). Blend in black eyeshadow with the color of your choice and apply a dash of black under your lower lash line for full smoky effect. Here’s a video tutorial on the smoky eye to get the perfect look. Combine the sensuous, mysterious effect of the smoky eye with the playfulness of glitter and a red lip and that’s all you’ll need for a night out.

Batting those mile-long lashes

Love to have those luscious, long lashes that every celeb has? Throw away that old tube buried in your handbag and get a new one.I’d recommend ELF Studio’s lengthening and volumizing mascara– two coats of it should do the trick. Make sure you apply the mascara from root to tip and that your lashes are clump free and perfect after you apply. You’re set to bat those lashes all day long!

Now that we’ve covered some key eye makeup pointers, there’s no excuse to not flaunt those gorgeous eyes of yours!If adventure runs in your blood, try out some new hues and give your own spin to a traditional style- you’re sure to turn plenty of heads. Don’t worry if you’re new to this. One of the makeup lessons I’ve learnt over the years- It’s never too late to let your beauty shine through your eyes!