Five Important Things You Need to Sort Out with Your Live Band Before the Wedding

Managing to book a top live band is only half the battle to ensure the best entertainment for your big day. The other half involves properly coordinating the details of your wedding with the group. Here are five important things you should tackle with your chosen musicians before the special day arrives.



The place where your wedding will be held could impact the performance of your chosen group. So to ensure they will be able to give it all out on your big day, let them know about the venue. Give the band the full postal address along with a detailed map and direction of the place a month before the wedding. This will ensure that they will easily find their way to the venue and prevent delays.

Additionally, inform them if there are restrictions or limitations in the venue so they can make the necessary adjustments well in advance. You also need to give them an insight about parking and sound checking. Likewise, coordinate with them to know what the most ideal stage set-up is. Even the best band with excellent equipment won’t be able to perform well if the stage is too small, too low, or placed at the wrong side of the venue.


You have likely furnished your band with the list of songs they will be playing for your big day as well as the songs they should not play. However, if you have requested new tunes for the occasion that the band has to learn, take the effort to give them a copy of those songs, specifically the versions you like to hear. Doing so will ensure that the group will have ample amount of time to practice and perfect the tunes for the event.


Remember that coordination isn’t just for the entourage. The musicians you have hired should also dress their part so they will fit in with your overall wedding style. In such case, consider giving clothing guidelines to the group. For instance, if it’s a black tie affair, then it is only fitting that they stick with the theme and don the same thing as the groomsmen and other male guests. The point here is that the members of the band should be able to present themselves well on stage.


Be clear about the equipment your band will bring to the venue and ensure their instruments have passed PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing). As more and more venues are getting tighter with the type of equipment that can be brought in by musicians, PAT certificates and stickers are a form of guarantee that the equipment is safe to use.

If the venue will be providing the equipment, make sure that you let the band know about it. It is possible that they require certain equipment for their performance, which you will likely have to pay extra.

Arrival and set up times

You typically hire a band for a minimum of four hours, excluding the ceremony, cocktails and overtime. As such, if you want to maximize the amount of time you have paid for, what you want to do is to be clear about their arrival and set up times and these should be written in the contract. Paying for a 15- to 20-minute cushion in the beginning will ensure that band members will not arrive a few minutes before showtime and will prevent them from doing sound check once the guests are already in the venue.

Laurent Bryant is a seasoned writer who greatly enjoys writing tips and advice about weddings couples can use to make wedding planning a breeze. She is also a regular contributor for Northern Star Music.