FXR X Cross Boots, Protection, Style and Comfort

It can’t be denied, if you know motocross then you know FXR.  To say that this extreme sport is dangerous is a blatant understatement and riders the world over depend on FXR equipment to keep them safe as they defy death with their incredible feats of bravery. The FXR Company, which was started in Winnipeg, Canada, now has a line of boots that are sure to satisfy the needs of even the most extreme motocross enthusiast.

rose boot

Mitt Reimer actually started the FXR Company in the basement of his own house when he noticed that there was a lack of high-quality snow rider wear. It was this desire to accommodate the needs of serious snow rider that led to the founding of the FXR Company and today, they make only the highest quality gear available on the market.  To truly be fully protected, a rider must be covered with durable clothing and FXR makes helmets boots and everything in between to protect a rider from head to toe. The line of FXR x cross boots are the first choice of many motocross riders the world over the because they provide a good fit without being restricting. While flying through the air at incredible speeds, freedom of movement is a must not a luxury because 1 false move can result in disaster. Fortunately, FXR boots are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement the uniform and the sponsors of virtually any rider.

Men’s X Cross Boots

The x cross men’s boot is available in four distinct color patterns: solid black with white writing, white Realtree with black accents, black with orange accents and for the true outdoorsman, Realtree camouflage. All sizes are available from a 4 all the way to a 14 except for the back with white print which only goes to a size 13.

Women’s X Cross Boots

The Women’s x cross boot is available in 5 distinct yet stylish color patterns: black and fuchsia with a  stylish, furry top, solid black with white writing, black and orange, black and Realtree and white with fuchsia accents. All styles are available in sizes 6 to 12 except for the black and fuchsia and the white and fuchsia which only go to a size 11. Though the x cross boots may be extremely stylish, they provide the highest level of safety and ankle protection available. Look online for a pair that fits you.

These beautiful boots reside on the corner of style and practicality and allow the wearer to have adequate protection while still remaining within the confines of today’s fashion trends. While style and fashion may not be important to the rider, it certainly won’t hurt their efforts to get sponsorship. The x cross boots, and all other FXR products, are available to keep you safe, sound and in style as you ride for fun or to dominate the competition. FXR should be your first and last choice in motocross gear if you truly care about safety and comfort; the flamboyant style is just a nice bonus.