Wedding Dress

How to Shop For a Wedding Dress with Your Family

It is not unusual for a bride to want her family to be part of the gown shopping experience. She will often invite her mother and sisters. More unusual is the bride that brings her extended family, including future in-laws, plus a few close friends. The bride is inclined to bring the person paying for the dress, usually her parents. But even if she is paying for her own dress or the fiance will foot the bill, the bride deep down will still want the support and approval of her mother to make her confident enough to make such a big purchase.

Wedding Dress

The Family Drama

St. Louis bridal gown shops has seen it’s share of family drama unfold in their changing rooms. Even with the help of a consultant, some family friction cannot be avoided and the true dynamics between the women of a family is bared right in the fitting room. Sometimes the dress selection is not even in control of the person wearing the dress, which is really sad. A woman who is mature enough to get married should be able to stand up to her family and friends and be confident in what she wants or does not want.

Know What You Want

The bride needs to know her body enough so that she knows what looks good on her. A consultant can help in that matter and bring the bride dress that will look best for her body shape. A bride who has a list of dresses she has in mind will also need to keep an open mind because what looks good on a model does not necessarily look good on her own body. Models in fashion magazines create the illusion but the reality is clearly in the mirror when the dress is worn on your own body. Once you find the dress, you will know it and need to stick to your guns even when family objects.

Compromise When Needed

Sometimes your family will be right, and the wisdom to see that will save your dress shopping day. When grandmother says you are showing too much back crack or too much cleavage, you probably are not going to be let into the church. If your family and consultant both agree, you might want to take a backseat on some issues and try to see their point of view because you could be wrong too.

Let Your Family Help Keep You Within Budget

Family and friends should be the kind of people who keep you grounded. While your wedding day is your day, you want to keep a level head and spend within your means. Nobody wants to start their marriage in debt. Shopping with your family needs to have the positive effect that they keep your within your budget even as you want to buy whatever you lay your eyes on in the bridal shop. If you are paying for your own dress, you have more power on how much you are willing to spend but still keep your family involved even when you are independent.