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Important Wedding Must-Haves for the Bride

When planning a wedding, there are many things that you will need to keep in mind — flowers, centerpieces, DJs, invitations, decorations, and a lot more. Your mind will be filled with dozens ofoptions, appointments, and a long to-do list to accomplish. While you are concentrating on planning the perfect wedding, make sure that the basics do not slip through the cracks.

Here is a list of the few absolutely crucial wedding must-haves that every bride needs for her wedding. You might think some of them are obvious, but it can be tricky to remember them when all of your other planning details have occupied your brain.

Bride’s Emergency Kit

If disaster strikes in the form of smudged mascara, a broken hair elastic, a loose thread or a blister on your heel, your emergency kit will have you covered. Your bride’s emergency kit should include plasters, aspirin, hair clips, safety pins, a nail file, deodorant and anything else that you might need. A good wedding planner should have a kit already assembled to save you from whatever disaster that arises.

Someone Who Makes Sure You Stop to Eat

This might sound ridiculous but it is important to have one of your bridesmaids looking out for you to make sure that you take a break from the festivities and actually have something to eat. With all of the photographs, speeches, dancing, constant smiling and hugging with well-wishers, you are the centre of attention during your wedding. It is easy to get distracted and not get a moment to yourself. Ask one of your friends or relatives to make sure you do not get too distracted to stop and enjoy the food.

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Throughout the day you might need to spend a little cash, such as for tipping the hairstylist or the bellhop at the hotel. You do not want to always rely on others to provide this need for you.

List of Important People for the Wedding Photographer

Make a list of the people who are nearest and dearest to you. Identify them to your wedding photographer before the big day begins. Let your photographer know that you are hoping for them to capture moments with the people closest to you. You can also create a similar list for your significant other so that there are enough photos from each side of the family.

These are just a few important wedding must-haves so that you can be prepared for your special day.

Let One Heart Wedding Help You to Plan the Perfect Wedding

While the bride is taking care of all these must-haves, a professional wedding planning company can make sure that all your wedding details are taken care of. A top wedding planner will be able to take care of the entire planning and preparation for your wedding so that you can relax and enjoyyour wedding day.

One Heart Wedding is a one-stop wedding planner service with a pool of talented in-house wedding specialists. They will be able to help you with all aspects of your wedding design, from the chic and fashionable invitation and stationery to the lighting, flowers, and venue decoration. Let these experienced professionals help you plan your wedding and reduce the stress that comes with putting together this special day.