Hair Restoration

Learn About Some Of The Amazing Hair Restoration Options

There are many reasons for hair loss, but one of the most common causes for hair loss in both women and men is genetics. Hereditary is one of the leading causes of baldness, with stress, diet, medications, and illness among some of the many other reasons. Medications that are used to treat medical conditions such as depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, or gout can cause loss of hair. Other things that can contribute to hair loss are radiation and chemotherapy treatments. For women, birth control medications can also be a cause of hair loss. Child birth is another cause for hair loss in women due to changes in the body. Some people are born with a condition called trichotillomania, which is a condition that causes a compulsion to tear out eye lashes, scalp and eyebrow hair.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration treatments can greatly help a person suffering from low self-esteem due to hair loss to feel better about themselves.For people who have permanent hair loss, there are treatment options available, including methods like slit grafting, micro-grafting, and punch grafting. Getting a hair transplant is one popular method that can help with your hair loss. Hair graftingis a procedure that is done in a dermatological surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis. The surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the scalp before he begins the procedure. To make the patient feel more at ease, the surgeon can also administer a sedative.

Scalp reduction is another common treatment offered for hair loss. This procedure is done by a surgeon who injects the scalp with a local anesthetic, and then removes the bald segment of the scalp. There are no side effects from scalp reduction; the patient may feel tightness in the scalp area, along with a very mild headache, which can be treated with a non aspirin pain reliever.

One of the newest therapies for hair loss is low level laser light therapy. This can be done in the physician’s office or you can do it yourself at home. No prescription is needed to obtain a hand held laser device. This treatment is best for people with minimal hair loss. Successful treatment of early hair loss is critical. Begin treatment with an effective product as soon as you notice the onset of hair loss.

The best way to determine which hair loss treatment is best for you is to visit a hair loss clinic like the Micron Labs (visit them at Don’t be fooled by hair loss scams. There are so many people out there on the Internet claiming that their product will stop your hair loss and help regrow your hair. It is very easy to spot a hair loss scam. If the company provides a phone number, call it and ask for proof that their product works. Ninety- nine per cent of them will not be able to offer you any proof, so move on. Don’t be fooled by anyone telling you anything else. Simply go to a reputable clinic and consult with a professional hair loss professional for reliable advice.