Make A Positive First Impression Last With Botox

As human beings, when we interact with oneanother, often, the first place we look is at the other person’s face. Most experts agree you have only 7 seconds to make a first impression on other people. Whether you realize it or not, the other person will make a lot of subconscious decisions about you based on how you look. Without even saying a word they will be able to assume your social class, education level and financial well-being all based on how you look and conduct yourself. This becomes important when you are interviewing for a new job or meeting the parent of your child’s friend. No one wants to be self-conscious about the way they look, but our appearance can often dictate the confidence we carry when we walk into a room. One way people have been ensuring they make the best possible first impression with their face, is by having Botox treatments.


There are roughly 43 muscles in the face which control facial expressions. The younger you are the more elasticity your skin has. When we are younger, the skin recovers easily from facial expressions. Whether you are frowning or smiling the skin is able to bounce back from the creases and folds. However, as people age, the skin becomes less elastic. The skin will then noticeably fold, crease, and even form ridges that stay. These are commonly referred to as wrinkles. While age and facial expressions are the main culprits, other factors can speed up the wrinkling process. These factors include: pollutants, sun and UV exposure, dehydration, and even various medications. To help reduce and eliminate wrinkles, Botox is injected into where the facial muscles contract. The Botox acts as an inhibitor to the nerve impulses. When impulses from the nerve can no longer reach the tissue that causes the wrinkle, it will relax the tissue and reduce or eliminate the wrinkles.

Botox treatments are delivered by an injection. As with any type of injection using a needle, there will be slight discomfort. However, the pain for the vast majority of people is very minimal. The area can be numbed before the treatment with a cold pack or topical anesthetic cream to even further reduce any discomfort caused by the needle. Since Botox treatments are injections and not a surgical procedure, this practice is completely non-invasive. Botox treatments typically only take around 10-20 minutes to administer and it can be done as an outpatient. It is a very simple procedure with very little recovery necessary. That means you don’t need to worry about booking time off work or having to wait a long time to take the photo for your family Christmas card. You can show off the new you and get back to your normal schedule right away. After the Botox treatments, there may be some bumps, redness and perhaps marks that will typically go away after a few hours. It is advised that you avoid the sun and touching or rubbing the injection site for 24 hours, but that’s it, you will feel like a better more improved version of yourself in no time!

One of the greatest things about Botox treatments is their results. Botox injections give effective results very quickly. Typically, most people see results within 3-7 days. For the deeper wrinkles it may take up to 14 days to get full impact. Even with the deeper wrinkles, there will be noticeable improvement sooner.  Botox does not just help a patient physically, but can have positive psychological results as well. When people look their best, they feel better inside. When people feel better about themselves, they will exude more confidence and overall be a happier person. By being happier, looking more youthful, and having more confidence, it will be easier to leave a lasting, positive, first impression on other people, whether it be in the workplace or in your family and community.

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