Rest and Relaxation

Make time for Rest and Relaxation

The benefits of a balanced diet and physical activity are well known. But with the hectic lives we lead, we should keep in mind the fact that we need, during the day, to take some time to relax.

Relaxation in midday is not exactly at the top of your list of priorities, sometimes not even on the list. But when you take the time to detach yourself from the bustle of everyday and think about you and your health, you’ll be glad you did it. There are a lot of methods out there to relax during the day, from breathing exercises and stretching muscles to taking a ten-minute break to delight your senses with the delicious flavors from the vapes produced by an electronic cigarette. Let’s have a look at today’s tips on how to relax during the day.

Rest and Relaxation

Breathe deeply

If you feel that stress is about to take over, it’s time to check how you breathe. Are you holding your breath? If so, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Stretch your muscles

If you spend most of the day sitting at your desk, it will do you a lot of good to stand up at least every hour. Set a reminder on your computer, put a post-it on the monitor or even set a telephone alarm to remind you to get up and move a little bit. A couple of minutes are sufficient to get more energy and regain your concentration.

Schedule yourself a break

When you have a really busy and hectic day, make sure you schedule a time dedicated only to you. And this is where the e-cig comes into place.

Specialists estimate that 80% of the world’s population uses plants as medicine. The most common ways of administration are oral, topical or inhalational (smoke).

You can either vape the tasty flavors f the BLU e-cig, and you have plenty to choose from (find out more on or make your own relaxing mixture (DIY e-liquid). Among the most common plants used for their relaxing effects and perfect for being vaporized, we mention:

  • Camomille: relaxes emotions and muscles, relieves pain, stiff joints, headaches
  • Damiana: releases stress
  • Green tea: pain reliever, aids in digestion
  • Lavender: relieves muscle pain, migraines and other headaches, reduces stress
  • Lemon balm: helps with insomnia, reducing stress
  • Passion flower: sedative, insomnia
  • Peppermint: pain reliever (especially headaches)
  • Spearmint: aids in digestion, relaxation, respiratory problems
  • Thyme: relieves muscle spasms

However, if you’re new at puffing electronic cigarettes, better keep it this way for a while and consider DIY e-liquid with plants after you gain some experience, learn about the working mechanism of the electronic cigarette and collect plenty of information from fellow vapists. There are a lot of blogs and forums where people who share this passion have gathered in communities to share ideas, thoughts and experiences.

Call a person you love

A very pleasant way to slow the pace of the day is to give a loved one a phone call. Make sure you get rid of anything distracting you from the conversation – close any other electronic devices, stop driving or walk.

Take time to eat properly

No matter how crowded the day is, do not skip meals and do not eat on the run. Also try to make sure that your diet contains all the nutrients needed for a proper functioning of the body.

Give yourself and “food for thought”

For example, if during the day you drink three cups of black or green tea, you provide up to 50 mg of theanine, an amino acid that naturally contributes to achieving a state of mind where you are, at the same time, relaxed and efficient.

So, whether you’re taking a few moments to vape your way to relaxation or eating a proper lunch, don’t forget that you need to take a break during the day, so you can give it 100% the rest of the day.