7 Shopping Tips for Buying Lingerie on Your Wedding

Rings, check. Church and reception, check. Wedding invites, check. Food, check. Wedding dress, check. Seems like you figured everything out, or isn’t it? Apparently, there is something important that should also be included in your checklist: wedding lingerie.

Every bride deserves to look and feel like a queen on their wedding night. To make sure everything is perfect, here are seven tips on how to buy lingerie on your wedding.

  1. If you have small breast, choose something that will distract your guy’s attention from your breast to other areas in your body such as your waist or legs. Feathers, lace, ruffles or even non-sheer type of bra with a little detail can be a good option. You can also try body jewelry such as belly chain or lacy garter belt. Remember, when you lack something up there, let the eyes focus on other areas where you are blessed.
  2. If you have big boobs, then congratulations. It’s only a matter of how to work with it. Choose lingerie with underwire or a bra that comes in a halter style to help lift and enhance your asset. If you want to make your breasts look smaller, then go for Spandex or Lycra material to give it a more subtle look.
  3. If you have a large bottom and bigger breasts, then don’t be afraid to show it off. A long gown with sheer top or anything straight-lined cut is perfect for you. A piece of advice – say no to tight fitted waist styles.
  4. If you have issues with your belly area, don’t worry. Millions of women feel the same way. Therefore, go for lingerie styles that are loose fitting in the waist area. Accentuating your flattering areas such as legs or your breasts is also a best way to divert one’s attention on your belly. Don’t be afraid to use fancy bra and underwear. But if you really want a flatter waist line, try a waist clincher.
  5. If you have short legs, long gown with slit in the leg area is a definite pleaser. You can also try baby doll styles since it shows your legs and gives you a taller look.
  6. Consequently, if you have long legs, vertical stripes or cuts can be flattering. If you can find lingerie with tops or skirts that tie around the waist, much better.
  7. Experiment. Sure, you were able to choose a style that enhances your assets and hide your insecurities. Still, make it a point to go out of your comfort zone and surprise your man with a style you don’t usually wear. Seduce him with an undergarment such as thong and hide it somewhere on his pocket or even on his desk to add up spice and excitement for the night that’s about to come.

Don’t forget your heels and wear that erotic and sexy look on your face to complete the look.

4 Simple Style Secrets 2014

The spring/summer season in the world of fashion is the most exciting season of all. Now is the time to come out of your shell and show the world what a talented fashionista you are. In the past few months, we have seen dramatic changes in style and fashion. Pieces have gone in and out of trend faster than any of us could notice. Does anyone remember Miley Cyrus in a leotard for example? I think I’ve proved my point.

The best way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to this year’s fashion is to pick out some classic pieces. You can be sure that these pieces will not be going out of style anytime soon, so spending a little extra and investing in them is a great idea. If you think that it is time to revamp your style, then you have come to the right place. Here are just four simple style secrets for 2014.

Colourful Handbag

Invest In A Colourful Handbag

A colourful handbag is an ideal way to stand out from the crowd. Many women opt for black or grey handbags. The type of woman who does this is telling the world that she doesn’t want to stand out. She will do anything to fade into the background. This type of woman is not who you want to be.

Instead, invest in a colourful statement handbag, which will set you apart from other women. In an ideal world, you would get a Chanel side bag in blue or red as these are stylish at the moment. If you cannot afford the Chanel price tag though, opt for something similar from the high street. Top Shop have a fabulous range of handbags and are always at the forefront of trends.

Watches Are Timeless

If there is one rule that you should follow when buying new clothes and accessories, it is to get a good watch. Many women fail to invest in a high-quality watch, even though this will attract a lot of attention and is also functional.

Watches for women are a timeless accessory and one, which should be a feature on every woman’s wrist. Try looking for something simple, yet sleek such as one with a leather strap. Every woman should take the chance to invest in a quality watch which will last her a lifetime.

Maxi Skirts Are Still In

The maxi skirt has been a recurring theme within fashion over the last few summers. There are many reasons that people love this item of clothing so much. A maxi skirt is perfect for a wide range of body shapes and looks flattering on all women. A skirt in this style also allows women to express themselves in summer, without exposing too much.

When paired with a simple crop top, a maxi skirt can do wonders for your body. The strip of skin which people can see between your skirt and top is your rib cage, not your stomach. Showing off this area gives the illusion that you have a washboard stomach, when this may not exactly be the case.

But, So Are Mini Skirts

For those of you that are more daring, though the mini skirt is also a great piece. Lately there has been a surge towards 1960″s style fashion and this item epitomises that trend. If you are going to opt for a mini skirt, go bold. There is no point being shy with this trend, as it just won’t work. Choose an item in a bold and daring colour to show people that you are in control of the look.

By following these simple style secrets, you will look and feel fabulous this year. Don’t be shy when choosing items. Express yourself and have some fun with your look.

Buying Trendy Cargo Pants and Shorts Online Is the Best Way to Go For Your Budget

If you’re a parent, it may seem like only yesterday that your children were babies. Let’s say that you had three boys. Just recently, you can remember them learning to crawl, or saying their first words. Now they are 14, 15 and 17 years old. You can no longer go into a department store and buy them clothing that is on sale or on clearance. Everything that they wear has to incorporate their image or as they would say their “brand”. If you sent them to school or work in bargain store clothes, they’d be embarrassed, and you’d feel as though you’d let them down. But you know better than that. Since you want your boys to have the best of everything that’s available on the market, you probably want to find them brand-name clothes – even though those sorts of items don’t always seem like they might fit into your budget. It’s always worth it to let them bring out their own sense of style in how they dress.

Each one of your boys has a different personality, but they all pretty much have the same exact taste in clothes. They all like to wear what is in style and stay current with the latest fashion trends. This year is no different; they all want Jordan Craig camo shorts to wear. They like to pair them with a cool t-shirt or tank tops. They of course have to have the latest trend in shoes too. From head to toe they seem to want to be a walking label – but that’s all fine with you, as long as you can afford it.


URL: http://itstheimage.com/Men/Jordan-Craig/Jordan-Craig-Cargo-Shorts-Sz.-32-Khaki/34223/

However, shopping for all three boys on a budget can be challenging when buying name brand clothing. Not only is it hectic to weave in and out of the traffic in the mall, but it can be hard to corral your kids around to different stores, not to mention the fact that the sizing is inconsistent and the stock can be spotty. After a certain point, you may simply decide that enough is enoughand head to the internet to see what you can find on an online store like The Image.

This is the best route to take if you find yourself in a situation like this; find an online store that has the clothes you want and the ability to save you money. You’ll be able to shop within your budget limits without overspending, all the while wearing your pajamas in a comfy chair. Now every couple of months when you buy your kids some new clothes, you can just head over to The Image instead of a crowded mall.

Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Day – Fight Back With New Treatments

One of the greatest lies we’re all told as teenagers is that acne is something that only happens when you’re an adolescent. Many of us find ourselves suffering from acne in our youth, but pop culture and the adults around us often reassure us that it’s a problem that disappears, magically, the second we leave high school. Unfortunately, if you are an adult who suffers from acne, there’s a good chance you know firsthand how untrue this actually is. Anyone can suffer from acne, and its exact causes are often unclear. The suggestions the internet and even some physicians provide for sufferers of acne are pretty much always the same – commonsense lifestyle tips like cutting out sugar and oily foods, or drinking more water and remembering to wash your face every day. But what are the options for people who have tried those solutions and found themselves coming up short? Should they just accept acne as an inevitable, constant fact of life and learn to life with the reduced self-confidence this condition can often bring with it?

The short answer is, of course not. There are several treatments available to treat acne. Chemical peels using glycolic acids work well as a solution for acne and the scars it can leave behind. Glycolic acids are gentler on your skin and penetrate deeper than lactic acid (another more traditional treatment for skin issues), increasing the effectiveness of the peel. While lactic acid works to moisturize the skin, glycolic acids can actually do more to reduce oiliness and breakouts.

acne treatments

One of the worst things about chronic acne is that even after it’s gone, its effects can still linger. Acne scars can be time-consuming to cover up, and spending a hefty chunk of your money on concealers, primers and topical treatments that may or may not actually help your skin recover is nearly as frustrating as the scars themselves. One solution to the problem of acne scarring that’s worth exploring is microdermabrasion; a non-surgical procedure that utilizes aluminum oxide crystals to treat the existing scars on your skin. This process removes surface layers of skin, exposing healthy skin cells and helping your skin to recover from scarring faster. Not only is the treatment gentle and drug-free; this process actually does wonders to smooth out the texture of your skin and restore its elasticity at the same time. The key to receiving a good treatment is to find a great clinic with a great reputation, like the Hairfree Laser Skin Clinic (find them at Hairfreeclinics.com/non-surgical-procedures/laser-acne-treatments/).

These treatments are virtually painless and last about 30 minutes. The recommended frequency for optimal results is one treatment per week; you can continue the treatments for as long as you want until you feel you’ve achieved the look you want. The process revitalizes your skin tone and works on all kinds of facial scarring, as well as helping to remove excess oils from your skin and helping it stay healthy-looking long after the treatments have finished.


  1. http://www.webmd.com/beauty/peels/cosmetic-procedures-chemical-peel-treatments
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhPQeRiodK4

Learn About Some Of The Amazing Hair Restoration Options

There are many reasons for hair loss, but one of the most common causes for hair loss in both women and men is genetics. Hereditary is one of the leading causes of baldness, with stress, diet, medications, and illness among some of the many other reasons. Medications that are used to treat medical conditions such as depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, or gout can cause loss of hair. Other things that can contribute to hair loss are radiation and chemotherapy treatments. For women, birth control medications can also be a cause of hair loss. Child birth is another cause for hair loss in women due to changes in the body. Some people are born with a condition called trichotillomania, which is a condition that causes a compulsion to tear out eye lashes, scalp and eyebrow hair.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration treatments can greatly help a person suffering from low self-esteem due to hair loss to feel better about themselves.For people who have permanent hair loss, there are treatment options available, including methods like slit grafting, micro-grafting, and punch grafting. Getting a hair transplant is one popular method that can help with your hair loss. Hair graftingis a procedure that is done in a dermatological surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis. The surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the scalp before he begins the procedure. To make the patient feel more at ease, the surgeon can also administer a sedative.

Scalp reduction is another common treatment offered for hair loss. This procedure is done by a surgeon who injects the scalp with a local anesthetic, and then removes the bald segment of the scalp. There are no side effects from scalp reduction; the patient may feel tightness in the scalp area, along with a very mild headache, which can be treated with a non aspirin pain reliever.

One of the newest therapies for hair loss is low level laser light therapy. This can be done in the physician’s office or you can do it yourself at home. No prescription is needed to obtain a hand held laser device. This treatment is best for people with minimal hair loss. Successful treatment of early hair loss is critical. Begin treatment with an effective product as soon as you notice the onset of hair loss.

The best way to determine which hair loss treatment is best for you is to visit a hair loss clinic like the Micron Labs (visit them at http://www.micronlabs.com). Don’t be fooled by hair loss scams. There are so many people out there on the Internet claiming that their product will stop your hair loss and help regrow your hair. It is very easy to spot a hair loss scam. If the company provides a phone number, call it and ask for proof that their product works. Ninety- nine per cent of them will not be able to offer you any proof, so move on. Don’t be fooled by anyone telling you anything else. Simply go to a reputable clinic and consult with a professional hair loss professional for reliable advice.



The Most Charming of All Bracelets

Whether it’s the jingle-jangle that attracts you or the kitschy-cute miniatures that reveal your true passions, or the newest beaded trend, charm bracelets have an enduring appeal that has outlasted many other fashion trends.

A Charmed History

As early as the pre-historic period, charms were created out of shells, animal bones, and clay—and in later times out of gems, rocks, or wood. Ancient Egyptians used charms to identify an individual to the gods in the afterlife, and Christians in the Roman Empire would hide tiny fish charms in their clothing to identify themselves to other Christians. Jewish scholars used charms to hold tiny passages of sacred law, medieval knights wore charms for protection in battle, and in the Dark Ages charms were worn to denote family origin and political connections.


In the late 1800’s, famed jeweler Tiffany and Co. introduced their first charm bracelet, which has since become their iconic symbol. In the 1920’s, platinum and diamonds were introduced in charm bracelet manufacturing and by the 1950’s American teenagers were collecting charms to record significant events in their lives. Screen icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford helped fuel the popularity and interest in charm bracelets. More recently, the bead style of charm bracelets has once again renewed this ongoing fashion statement.

A Charmed Autobiography

The charms you choose to adorn your wrist express your unique, personal style and help tell the story of the life you’re living. Perhaps you have inherited charms passed down from beloved family members and connecting you to family history, or maybe you have charms from your own youth that tell the tale of childhood fantasies and dreams. Your charms might represent hobbies you enjoy, cherished events, favorite sports or animals, or even significant trips. Maybe you admire a certain time period such as the 1940’s, and wish to express that affection with vintage charms that people in that era collected from gumball machines or the popular comic strip characters Popeye, Betty Boop, or Mickey Mouse. Part of the fun with charm bracelet fashion is that it tells a part of your story.

Charmed Beads

The newest trend in charm bracelets uses beads, which can be made from any material.  These gold, silver, or glass beads are interchangeable and allow you to create your own look. Beads can be sculpted to look like anything from animals to people and come in a wide array of patterns and colors.  Charm bracelets, whether traditional or the newer beaded variety, appeal to a diverse consumer base due to the wide range of pricing. The cost of any charm can be anywhere from pennies to hundreds of dollars, making them truly available to anyone.

Your Charmed Story

Designing your own charm bracelet is a way for you to narrate your story. Once you clarify your budget and the type of bracelet you desire, the next step is to establish your story’s plot. Does family play an important role? Are you an animal lover? Is travel an important part of your life? What are the hobbies that keep you grounded? Where is your favorite place to be? These are all questions to consider as you select the charms that represent the themes of your life. Modern-day charms, while decorative and pretty, contain a powerful force: memory.

Grooming Your Groom

Most men certainly think shaving is something that they understand at least as well as the next guy. Even still, it is always possible to learn how to do this daily task even better. Many men do their shaving first thing in the morning after getting up; sometimes this is just seen as a daily duty that is performed when you are not even fully awake. However, there are better ways to give yourself a better shave, a shave that you might even enjoy. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Timing Your Shave:

One of the first things to remember about shaving is WHEN to do so. It helps if you are more aware of what you are doing, so this should not be undertaken immediately upon waking. At the very least, take a shower first. The shower will also help to open up the pores on your face. This is a great benefit of the steam, so the hotter the better! Also, the shower will normally help you to feel more awake and be better tuned in to what you are actually doing.

Timing Your Shave

Use Softening Oil:

If you are not in the habit of using pre-shave oil, then this might be something to consider. A good oil will help to soften the skin and make your shaving smoother and easier. You do not even need to use much, just about enough to cover the tip of your thumb. Rub it in completely and then continue with your shaving routine. You can apply your usual lather right on top and start shaving.

Shaving Method:

If you want to have a very smooth shave that gives your face a clean and polished look, there is a great technique that can be used. It is also quite simple. After applying your normal lather, begin shaving, but only go with the grain of your beard. Do this for your entire area. Then repeat the process, this second time going only against the grain. Try it and you will be amazed at the results and just how smooth your face becomes.

The Razor:

A lot of guys simply do not worry about their razor, yet this is one of the most important aspects of their shaving routine and experience. You should always use a high quality blade. More importantly, you need to care for and protect the blade. This means never banging it on the sink or faucet. If you do this, it ultimately will end up denting or bending the blade. Of course, this might not be apparent until later, but it can result in making it more difficult to shave, giving an uneven trim or cut, or producing nicks and cuts on your face.

Applying Shaving Lather:

Interestingly enough, the lather that you will obtain from your shaving cream is generated on the skin once it is applied. Make sure that this is good quality cream that is capable of providing the lubrication and cushion that you need in order to ensure a great shave. If you are using a shaving brush to apply the cream, then be sure to move it in a circular motion over the entire beard area. Take your time with this, as you want to allow the lather to work its way into your pores and hair follicles. One to two minutes should be sufficient for this process. This is also helpful in terms of allowing the cream to better lubricate and moisturize the skin, preventing anything like razor burn.

The Fabulous Fashion Industry

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry. A product of the modern age, fashion generally consists of four primary levels, all devoted to the ultimate goal of satisfying consumer demand for apparel under conditions that enable industry employees to operate at a profit.

Design & Production

While some fashion is made from leather or fur, most is produced from textiles like wool or cotton. Automating the spinning and weaving of natural fibers was one of the first accomplishments of 18th century’s Industrial Revolution. Today, these processes are carried out by computer-controlled, high-speed machinery. Much of the textile industry produces fabric for apparel using either natural fibers—such as wool, cotton, silk, and linen—or synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester.

Just like fashion styles, there is a consistent ebb and flow in how fabrics are created and designed. One recent focus has been on sustainable fashion, which uses more environmentally friendly fibers, such as hemp. Another trend is the use of high-tech synthetic fabrics, which offer benefits such as moisture wicking, stain resistance, or protection against ultraviolet radiation. A wide range of effects can be created through dyeing or printing. Textile manufacturers work closely with fashion forecasters to create specialized colors and textures in anticipation of consumer demand.

Fabulous Fashion Industry


A distributor is a middleman between a manufacturer and its customers. If the manufacturer is a large brand, they might use a distributor to provide sales representation, set up showrooms, run trade shows, sell product online, or participate in direct sales to get their goods into the hands of consumers. Many companies assign these duties to employees in their sales department. Whether they are delegated to an external distributor or internal sales department, distributors handle the logistics of receiving orders, removing items from inventory, and packaging and shipping them to customers on a pre-defined schedule.


Marketing strategies often begin with research that answers crucial questions such as “what is the target market?” and “what do our customers need and want?” Fashion marketers take that information and develop a marketing program with coordinated elements, including advertising, special events, public and media relations, social media, and written materials. Their obvious goal is promoting the brand in a way that reaches a primed audience and increases sales.


Retail is the business of buying clothing from manufacturers and selling them to customers. Retailers generally make initial purchases for resale 3 to 6 months before it appears in the store. In addition to traditional retail stores, the Internet has become an increasingly important retail outlet. In an era of diverse shopping options and intense price competition, merchandising has emerged as one of the cornerstones of the modern fashion industry.

There are many different facets within the fashion industry that can work independently or as a team. Fashion coordinators and merchandise planners work to create a unified look in retail stores, design houses, or fashion magazines. Visual merchandisers are responsible for designing in-store and window displays to attract customers. A fashion buyer uses a keen eye for style to select and purchase apparel from designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers for retail sale. Entrepreneurs open their own boutiques to cater to specific clientele.

The fashion industry provides a wealth of opportunity – for those who yearn for style and those who wish to create it.

Kera Green is a fashion blogger and freelance writer for The Fashion Network, Inc.; the top provider in New York’s fashion industry recruiters. In her spare time she enjoys running and reading up on the fashion industry.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

At some stage in our lives we are likely to suffer from troubling back ache, shoulder injuries and other muscle pains that we could do without. Suffering from this kind of pain could be down to excessive exercise or simply the way you sit at work. Thankfully, the massage is around to relax our muscles and help treat any stress-related injuries we might have on a daily basis. A massage involves rubbing or pressing the affected area in order to allow blood and oxygen to move more freely. Massages are carried out all over the place nowadays, especially in clinics or spas. Here are a few different massage techniques used that might be able to benefit your particular form of muscle injury.

Massage Therapy

Massage for Sport

Many sportsmen and women receive massage therapy in order to keep muscles relaxed and suitable for further training. You might be aware of lactic acid build up and overworking your muscles, resulting in aches and stiffness that can prevent you from walking or moving entirely. Massages can treat any suspected muscle injury such as a strain or tear and even help prevent any future injuries. Many professional sportsmen and women have made the most of massage therapy to return to full fitness, making this particular form of therapy a vital part of any professional career.

Massage for Injury

Pulling a muscle or straining can happen as a result of everyday life and not just because of a sports injury. Many therapy centres will refer to neck or shoulder pains as an injury from a poor posture. How you sit at work or constant standing can have an effect on your back, shoulders and neck. You may find that working at a computer for many hours without breaks leads to muscle stiffness similar to that of a sports injury. Massages can relieve the tension that has built up as a result of your posture, though retaining a healthy sitting position is vital to prevent injury in the future.

Massage for Stress

Struggling at work? Feeling down? Massages are proven to help people who are suffering from depression as they help relax the entire body similarly to that of a meditation exercise. The techniques used by professional’s results in relaxation both physically and mentally. A Swedish massage is often referred to as the most enjoyable form of massage. The gentle kneading and tapping process provides relaxation and energy to the muscles.

About the Author

Emma Benteke writes for a number of online publications about physical and mental well being. She has contributed this article on behalf of Wickwoods Country Club Hotel and Spa, who provide all manner of relaxation therapies and beauty treatments in the stunning Sussex countryside.

The top 10 reasons it’s okay to stay in your PJs all day

Ice cream, chocolate, mac and cheese, massages, and pajamas—did we leave anything off the Heaven-on-Earth list?  Pajamas are so comfortable they’ve created jeans that feel like them. Any serious pajama wearer knows nothing beats the real thing.

No wonder people want to work from home.  You go to sleep feeling comfortable, wake up feeling comfortable, and get to work feeling comfortable.

Maybe all of life can’t be as comfortable as this but you should certainly carve out  days in your schedule for lounging around.  If you’re looking for motivation to indulge a bit, here are 10 reasons it’s okay to stay in your pajamas all day:

  1. You look fantastic
  2. You can stretch your dry cleaning bill
  3. Your room will stay clean
  4. It’s the weekend
  5. You will stay relaxed
  6. They’re soft
  7. They’ll keep you warm or cool
  8. They make you happy
  9. You can have a good time eating
  10. They’re the best for watching movies

You look fantastic

Why do millions of people tune in to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year?  Because they want to see the pajamas of course, ha!  Well, maybe not.  Seriously though, when you’ve got a stylish pair of pajamas with the cutest design, you can’t help but feel good.  So keep them on all day and sneak peeks at yourself in the mirror.

look fantastic

You can stretch your dry cleaning bill

No need to waste an outfit unnecessarily.  Stay in your pajamas and don’t worry about picking out something to wear.

Your room will stay clean

Speaking of clothing, isn’t that the main culprit of an untidy room?  “Should I wear this dress, or these pants, or this skirt? What about this top?”  Next comes trying all the jewelry to match.  Before you know it, there is a pile of clothes on the bed and no time to put everything away.  Not on a PJs day! You just bound out of bed and smile because your room is going to look good and stay clean all day.

It’s the weekend

If you’re even considering staying in your pajamas all day, chances are it’s the weekend.  No rushing around, fighting traffic, or sitting on the train.  Most importantly this means no need to get dressed.

You will stay relaxed

Your bedroom suit, also known as PJs, is just conducive to relaxing.  When you’re wearing pajamas, you can’t really take anything seriously but a Real Housewives marathon can you?  What a great way to keep your mind at ease and get some well needed rest and relaxation.

They’re soft

No matter what kind of material your PJs are made of, you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing: They are going to be soft!  Cotton, satin, flannel and fabric blends. They’re all going to feel like butter on your skin!

They’ll keep you warm or cool

Let’s face it.  We know you have more than one set of PJs.  You can have warm flannels, thermals and flapjacks for winter, breathable light weight cotton pajamas for fall and spring, and a nice cool night shirt for summer.

They make you happy

Say “mad” and “pajamas” out loud in the same sentence.  Just doesn’t sound right, huh?  How can you be mad in a pair of pajamas?  That’s reason enough to stay in them all day.  Pajamas pretty much come with a happiness guarantee.

You can have a good time eating

Pajamas are the most amazing and practical fashion statement ever.  They’re super cute to begin with but you can also eat all you want, even if your eyes get a little bigger than your stomach.  After that big stay-at-home brunch, your pajamas’ waistline will be very forgiving.

They’re the best for watching movies

Marathon sitcom or movie days are the best.   There is no better way to enjoy them than in your comfortable pajamas.  Load up the DVD player because you’re about to have one awesome day in the best “outfit” ever.  Break out the popcorn and kick back in your PJs! Shhhhh!  We won’t tell, we promise.