Beauty Tips for a Girl’s Night out

Girls just want to have fun and when it’s time to get together, you want to do it in style. You know how it goes; you get a group of friend’s together, pick a hot spot for the night and the rest is history. That’s the easy part. The fun part is getting all dolled up and then hope your makeup doesn’t look like a train wreck by the end of the night. How do you avoid runny mascara accidents and how can you achieve that perfect glow most women desire? There are simple tricks you can do to avoid these makeup mishaps and look and feel your best.


Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. If that’s correct, you want to make sure your windows are looking good. Keeping your eyebrows trimmed and neat is a very important step in any girl’s makeup regime. You want to try to follow your natural brow line and not try to change the shape too much. Remember, over plucking will only ruin your look. Eyebrows can either make or break a face so you want to make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re not an eyebrow pro, you may want to go to a professional and have them done. Once you have your brows taken care of, you want to use eye shadow to really make your peepers pop! For night time you can go for a dark, smokey eye. It’s a classic night time look which never goes out of style. Apply a waterproof mascara to complete the look. Many women will complain about waterproof mascara because it stays on too long. Well, what would you rather have? Mascara that runs down your face when your eyes tear up from the cold or mascara that stays put until you’re ready to remove it?

Beauty Tips


Everyone knows if you go with a smoky eye, you have to go softer on the lips. Life is all about keeping a balance and makeup is no exception. You never want to put too much on your face unless you’re correcting a blemish. First you want to line your lips with a matching lip pencil and then go over it with a nude lipstick. If you’re doing dark lips and lighter eyes, you can match your lip pencil to your lipstick. Just like dark eyes, it’s always better to go with dark lips if you’re going out at night but remember to keep your eyes on the lighter side.


Cheeks are one of the neglected features on a woman’s face. Most women forget to wear blush because they don’t see it as a necessity like eyeliner or lipstick. Well, if you’re over the age of 30, trust me, you want to wear blush. Not only will it bring back that fresh youthful glow you once had when you were younger, but it adds color to your skin. Using a bronzer can also work magic on a dull, tired looking face. Just use a big fluffy brush and sweep it across your face, highlighting your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. This will give you color and deliver that fresh, bright glow you crave so much.


Putting together the perfect outfit for your girl’s night out shouldn’t require too much time. First decide what you want to wear and be sure to check the temperature outside before you put on that super cute dress with close to zero coverage. Keep a sweater or coat handy in the car so you can grab it if you do get cold. If you’re going to wear a dress, make sure it fits you properly. A lot of times girls will wear sizes too small in dresses and a size too big in pants. You want your ensemble to come together effortlessly. Don’t follow trends; instead opt for clothing that fits and looks good on you.

There you have it! Your beauty tips for a girl’s night out will not be complete without proper shoes. Remember to wear comfortable shoes when you’re out with the girls. Most people go out in groups and tend to go bar hopping, so you want to have the proper footwear. Don’t underestimate the power of sisterhood. Ask one of your good girl friends what they think about your look before you leave the house. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Just remember your makeup and ensembles don’t define you as a person. They do however give you the opportunity to express yourself. So show off your best assets and go enjoy your girl’s night out.

Written by Edmond A. Edmond loves the fashion world and one day wants to write for a fashion magazine.

Great idea for Valentine’s Day present

Person’s style nowadays depends not only on the way he dresses, but what accessories he uses, for example, watches are very important detail. They underline individual tastes, temperament, lifestyle and wealth. That is why luxury brand watch is a great present on Valentine’s Day for both men and women. Watches produced in different countries usually differ in certain set of characteristics inherent to the brand. Nowadays, Swiss accessories are popular all over the world for their excellent quality, reliability and precision. Now they are a model for all clockworks and world’s best achievement in this field. Rolex is preferred by people who appreciate the premium level and, of course, the classics.

happy_valentines_day (1)

When there is a task to make status and prestigious gift, a problem of choice often arises. But there are several types of products that really are universal and the most successful as a gift. One of these types of products is branded watches. This is a great gift that will be appropriate for virtually any significant event for any person. Some people may feel that such a gift is a little trite, but it is absolutely not true, since such accessory is the subject of wealth and luxury life style. It is a great and proven gift that will fascinate anyone. It will always be useful and will not gather dust on the shelf as other unnecessary things.

Despite advanced technologies development, mechanical Swiss watches still attract people with a variety of models and a huge number of companies producing such a watch. Quality clockwork, durability, strength and accuracy – are integral characteristics of Swiss brands. Cheap Swiss products did not make concessions to more costly luxury brands such as Longines, Tissot, Rolex and Rado. Only Japanese manufacturers can compete with Switzerland in clockworks quality level. They also pay much attention to modern design, versatility and technological excellence. You can find luxury classic models in the variety of Japanese attribute, yet the whole world highly appreciates electronic wrist masterpieces form the Land of the Rising Sun as they include built-in calculator, flash memory, notebook, compass, TV , flash games , clock – thermometer – and this is only a part of innovative technologies examples. Modern man that chooses active life will likely prefer Citizen or other world-famous Japanese company products.

Fashionable Rolex is a proven and always the best gift option. It is proved by the fact that even the most capricious persons like them. Serious man who prefers classics will be satisfied with sophistication and intelligent design. Please note that when buying such expensive accessories, the warranty card, instruction and proper packaging should be provided.

Antiques, rings, stones and silverware – all these are attributes of luxury and prosperity are also good presents for your loved ones. Rolex watches and expensive jewelry are not the only option, there is still a huge amount of fashion accessories: lighters, various trinkets, which can become quite prestigious token of love and friendship. Almost any man will be pleased to get fashionable gasoline or gas lighter as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Acquiring such products, you make a good investment of your savings because they will never lose their value.

Cristina Ortiz in collaboration with Bertha Walker, luxury Rolex watches expert from company.

Pakistani Suits for Indian Women – A Fashion Trend of 2014

They say fashion is more powerful than a tyrant! Its intensity of expression surpasses territorial, linguistic, ethnical, material limitation. 2013 proved to be yet another milestone for the fabulous fashionistas flaunting anarkalis, lehenga cholis, designer sarees etc but 2014 is unfurling more trends than ever.

There is no satiety value for the hungry trend setters so fashion invents and reinvents itself. The brand new year hasn’t even arrived yet but the craze for 2014 fashion collection is already setting fiery statements. A Pakistani suit in India is not only a much talked about fashion these days but is becoming a favorite among those comfort seeking fashionistas. No doubt 2014 is off to a great start.

pakistani salwar suits

Basically the sleeves and the length is that of a typical salwar suits and the hemlines are often experimented. Pakistani clothing is getting recognized throughout the world for its fabulous fashion with outstanding quality as well the superiority of the fabric. Not only are these suits a heavenly comfort to wear but it can be worn in anytime of the year befitting every occasion the season demands! Just because it is winter does not mean you dress down when looking your best is just a click away. If you are a fashion explorer then you have come to the right place to find what you have been looking for!

The marvelous hues of pink, purple, grey etc and extravagant gold and yellow is what you need to burn the winter cold. The designer embroideries that deliver panache statements will make you look beyond outstanding when attending any function this winter. Suitable for casual wear, suitable for occasions, suitable for all seasons, ethnic to the core yet defining a modern woman – this Pakistani suit is all that will matter in Indian fashion 2014 is evident.

Pakistani suits are being worn regularly by the bollywood stars in red carpets and other turn-out events and that has left us drooling and wishing.  Spending a fortune on our attire isn’t something we’d even consider but yet we want to look our best and at a deeper level we’d want to imitate the stars! Aware enough that women want to look their best,’ ‘affordably’’ best….

You can wear the exact imitation of what you saw Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan wear on her big event the other day and that too within your budget. Then there are those set of collections that is unique and exclusive with variety of patters that you can choose, salwars that you want it your way, embroideries by the stylists, anarkalis in Punjabi style to that of a Pakistani style etc and the best part is that winter discount is on! One of the best things about Pakistani suits is that it can be worn all year round. The versatility is such that it cannot go wrong.

Pakistani dressing maybe similar to that of India but there has always been a cultural and religious difference which reflects on the clothing. Salwar kameez is not only a national attire of Pakistan but it’s the favorite dressing among Pakistani women which is now globally renowned and is marketed in the big countries adapting to modern dress and cultural clothing.

Traditionally worn with a ‘duppata’ as an essential part of salwar kameez symbolizing respect, the ensemble is being recognized as a brand in itself. Historically evolving with different phases it has now acquired a unique identity apart from Indian Fashion and culture. Surpassing the antiquity, Pakistani salwar suits is here to reign 2014 with latest designs available with stones, moti, zari, sequins and hand- embroideries in different fabrics like Banarasi, Katan, Silk, Georgette and Organza which makes it trendy, attractive and in tune with the present generation.

The salwar suit has reached the zenith of its popularity not only because it is versatile, evolving and easily adaptable but because it is for ‘every woman’ irrespective of her body size the ensemble will always look flattering and will perfectly fit the texture of her body. Custom made ones are easily available in the market which avoids any kind of misfit problems. What is more to this attire is that it is graceful and elegant besides being comfortable.

The finest choice of the Pakistani women is a global favorite today. The simplicity is peculiar and if accessorized rightly it renders charm and personality with utmost sophistication. It is available everywhere in the market and the manufacturing industry is very competitive as people abroad prefer to wear it when in the occasion or mood to go traditional.

A beautiful woman we picture today is not someone only with a beautiful face but whose beauty within and outside flourishes with a great persona and overwhelming presence- that is what Pakistani salwar suit is all about, it speaks for you.

Author Bio – This guest post is written by Manoj Gupta from, an online marketplace for some unique and handmade Indian products such as books, footwear, home décor, dresses, sarees, punjabi suits etc.

A Complete Guide To Buying Wedding Gowns

Its time to pick out your wedding gown and you are scared senseless. Will you get the gown that is perfect for you? If you do find it, will you be able to afford it and what if you cannot? These stressful questions are more than enough to drive a bride-to-be insane with stress but rest assured, nothing bad is going to happen. With our top tips, you will definitely find a snappy and chic wedding gown for yourself in an affordable price range.

Wedding Gowns

Start shopping early

Trends change rapidly but you have to start browsing early to ensure that you have a list of retailers or online websites ready. For example, if your wedding is in January, you have to search and find your wedding gown at least three months in advance. That means you have to start searching 6 — 9 months prior to your wedding date to find the perfect gown in an acceptable price range. This time is necessary as it allows time for store sales, seasonal discounts and fashion seasons.  Moreover, if you have a longer time to shop, you are more likely to find a good dress in your price range.

Have a clear idea of what you want and what suits your body type

This is essential as styles and personal choices tend to vary considerably. Traditionally, white gowns with long trains are de rigueur but even Kate Middleton went the unconventional way with a trendy ball gown shaped dress with a short train. If you want white, that is fine as the choice is endless but colored gowns are good as well. For example, gold and silver gowns or multi-colored gowns are very popular at present.

At some weddings, the bride and groom wear color-matched gowns and suits. Printed gowns are also perfectly fine. As you can see, the choice is yours and this influences the cost of the dress. Once you have decided on color, it’s time to determine body shape. Different body shapes require different styles of dresses. For example, thin bodies can literally wear any type but stocky brides require empire necklines and sweetheart necklines that camouflage the bulk and provide visual appeal. Once you have determined color and body shape, you can actually start browsing for the dress.

Browsing at local stores and at online stores

Browse before you buy anything as it gives an idea of what is available. If possible, try on as many dresses as possible and wear them with the accessories. Try on dresses early in the day and late at evening as well to understand how they look like in bright sunlight and in the evening. Browse international designers and check out the latest styles and trends as well. Online retailers will also list the latest styles and you can browse for style, color, and price.

Buying your dress

We recommend you buy online at specialty stores like Bridal Warehouse. This store stocks several unique dresses from almost every major designer and in every price range. Buying from Bridal Warehouse is a good idea as the company has tie-ups with local retailers and you can try out your dress and get modifications done to the dress.

What Everyone should know About Eye Makeup

Most of my teens was spent in perfecting the emo chick look (I thought it was oh-so-cool, you see!). That included dressing in black from head to toe (nails included), coloring my hair purple (or sometimes red- the color changed according to my mood) and of course, piling on the makeup while listening to Green Day on full volume (Billie Joe Armstrong was my ultimate crush!).Feels like it was yesterday!

My teen avatar soon gave way to a more sophisticated me (thankfully!), but I did learn a thing or two about makeup, especially eye makeup, along the way. All those years of experimenting with shades and styles were not a waste after all!

Care for some eye makeup 101? If you’re a newbie or just interested in brushing up on the basics, these are a few essentials you should always remember when it comes to jazzing up those pools of beauty.

Prepping your peepers

Nothing like primer and concealer to give a good base for your eye makeup! Primer makes sure you have a flawless canvas to work your magic while concealer makes dark circles and under-eye bags do the disappearing act. An absolute necessity for eye makeup, here’s a quick tutorial in applying primer before you put on your dazzlingeyeshadow.

Winging it out

Winged eyeliner or the cat eye is a universal favorite that rings in a little extra something for your eye.You can make this classic makeup style your own by customizing the cat eye with a hint of color. Make sure you’re armed with an angled brush, firm elbows and a steady hand to get even lines that are sure to be the envy of many. Here’s a 4 step eyeliner process to help you get the perfect cat eye. Keep practicing and you’re sure to master it in no time!

Getting smokin’ hot

Getting smokin’ hot

A tribute to my emo days, the smoky eye has always been a favorite of mine. It’s the ultimate eye-popping look that every girl must try out at least once (you’ll go for it over and over again, I promise!). Blend in black eyeshadow with the color of your choice and apply a dash of black under your lower lash line for full smoky effect. Here’s a video tutorial on the smoky eye to get the perfect look. Combine the sensuous, mysterious effect of the smoky eye with the playfulness of glitter and a red lip and that’s all you’ll need for a night out.

Batting those mile-long lashes

Love to have those luscious, long lashes that every celeb has? Throw away that old tube buried in your handbag and get a new one.I’d recommend ELF Studio’s lengthening and volumizing mascara– two coats of it should do the trick. Make sure you apply the mascara from root to tip and that your lashes are clump free and perfect after you apply. You’re set to bat those lashes all day long!

Now that we’ve covered some key eye makeup pointers, there’s no excuse to not flaunt those gorgeous eyes of yours!If adventure runs in your blood, try out some new hues and give your own spin to a traditional style- you’re sure to turn plenty of heads. Don’t worry if you’re new to this. One of the makeup lessons I’ve learnt over the years- It’s never too late to let your beauty shine through your eyes!

The Perfect Shoes for the Holidays

The holidays bring celebrations and parties every weekend throughout the entire month of December and beyond. With each of these weekends comes the need to find something great to wear. There is nothing better and more necessary to pull an outfit together, and give you that extra confidence boost you might want, than a perfect pair of shoes.

Especially if you plan to attend many events this holiday season, you will need to find shoes that work for each occasion. Whether they are dressy for your office party or comfortable while visiting with relatives, picking out the right shoes will make every night a success.

The Office Holiday Party

Office holiday parties may take place immediately after work, or even during work hours, so you should make sure that the outfit is appropriate for the workplace but ready for the party as well. Black heeled boots should be a staple in any woman’s closet, so consider this for your office party look. A boot like a Valentino high-heeled boot brings us a classic look and turns it up a notch with its four-inch heel. Pair this with a sweater dress and a pair of patterned tights and you will be more than prepared to head to any party, and look great doing it, after a long work day.

best shoes for holidays

The Cozy Family Get Together

Not all events call for anything too formal or fancy. A gathering at mom and dad’s house with kids running around and everybody crowding in the kitchen most likely does not require you to wear elegant heels, but that should never mean you don’t want to look sleek and put together. Consider a pair of pattered flats like Ugg Australia’s Suede Leopard Print Flats. These can add a pop of personality to a pair of dark, washed jeans and a soft and cozy sweater. There is nothing more comfortable than spending time with and being surrounded by close family and friends, except maybe wearing some comfortable and stylish flats while doing it.

The Elegant Cocktail Party

You may only get one chance to get really dolled up this holiday season, so make sure you make it count. You can never go wrong with a pair of glittery or metallic heels when getting ready for a holiday cocktail party. Jimmy Choo’s “Isabel” style is a great example of a glamorous heel that still has an element of fun and fantasy that is needed during the enjoyable and spirited holiday season. It comes in metallic pewter and sparkly gold, so any color choice is likely to go great with lots of outfit options. Pick out a great new party dress, pair it with some glitter or metallic heels, and be prepared for the compliments bound to be coming your way. You will definitely look ready for any swanky holiday evening event.

Regardless of what kinds of events you will be attending this holiday season, or what level of formality is required for them, look and feel your very best with a great and fashionable pair of shoes that are bound to turn heads and call attention. You will be doing plenty of holiday shopping this season so in addition to your holiday shopping list, make sure to treat yourself to something nice too!

Written by Lori Miller Executive Buyer of Designer Shoes at Shirise. Lorie has 20+ years of experience in buying and outfitting women.

How to transition your look from work-day to night-out

During the holiday season a woman’s schedule can become very hectic. Work by day and holiday parties by night can make it difficult to find time to look our best and feel confident about our appearance when it comes to fashion and makeup. If there are days where you know you won’t be able to stop home to freshen up or change your look from work-day to night-out, don’t fret! We’ve come up with a few tips to create a look that’s work appropriate but can easily transition into a fun and flirty night-out look on the town!

Let’s start with the fun part. Accessories! They can truly change the look of any outfit. A bold scarf for example can take a simple and classic look for the office and give it a flirty splash of color. The winter holiday season is a perfect time to go for a bold and daring red shade. This can also be applied to your purse. If you’re able to make it through the day with a small clutch or chain-link cross over bag, try choosing one with a little sparkle or pizzazz to turn your office look into something fun. Statement jewelry is also a great way to create a fun outfit that’s appropriate for both the office and a night out with the girls, or that special someone in your life.

chain-link cross over bag


If you don’t metro to work, stashing your favorite going-out-shoes in your car while you’re at the office is a great option. Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, our favorite shoes aren’t necessarily the most comfortable to wear all day. One option is to wear your work-appropriate shoes during the day, but save your feet the trouble by stashing the stilettos for night. Another option we love is opting for something a bit more demure that can translate well from day to night like a classic black kitten heel, or some comfortable platforms in a cool design. Whatever way you decide to go, don’t skimp on the shoes—as it truly is what makes or breaks any outfit!


Makeup can be tricky if you don’t have the right technique or tips up your sleeve. The first step in transitioning from a casual day-look to a night out-on-the-town is taking care of your skin. Use blotting papers to remove any excess dirt and oils from throughout the day, and a mild concealer to cover up those blemishes and under eye circles. Now you can focus on your eyes and lips. Use a darker shadow for that glamorous sultry eye look and amp up your lip color with a bolder red rather than your day-time peach or nude shades.  Avoid reapplying mascara, as this has more of a tendency to clump and flake once dry. Instead, invest in a quality long lasting eyeliner to do the trick and really make your eyes pop.


Some are blessed with the type of hair that can be put up for work and taken down for the night, cascading perfectly into place in slow motion like a teen hearthrob from the latest rom com. Most of us, though, require a little extra work. Try something that’s more likely to hold all day like a creative braided updo. You can also try throwing in some hair accessories like a headband, hair pins, or even flowers that can easily be clipped in a matter of seconds once you’re off work.

Spending the entire day at work is exhausting, and when you’re finally  done with your workday and ready to hit the town with your friends, getting ready is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. Take these tips into consideration early in the morning before you head off to work to ensure you’re prepped and ready once the clock hits 5!

Julie Brown is a freelance blogger and writer helping companies achieve credible branding through thoughtful posts. She is a mother of three who enjoys cooking and biking in her spare time.

How to Shop For Holiday Gifts

The holiday season can be a great time of visiting family and friends. Leading up to the day we get to spend time with loved ones though can often be incredibly stressful! One of the tasks many find to be the most stressful during the holiday season is shopping for holiday gifts, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a mother, grandmother, wife, or any other significant woman in your life. That’s why we’ve created this short, nearly fool-proof list of how to find the perfect gift for the important ladies in your life.

1) Start online

One thing we’re thankful for this year is how easy online shopping has become over the years. For most of us, shopping online is now second nature and can be done in a jiffy. Online shopping not only makes the actual purchasing of the product both faster and easier (no holiday shopping lines!) but it also makes your research and browsing process far less stressful. Nearly any major retailer you typically visit in store will have all their products, and sometimes more, available online. Take the stress out of shopping with the crowds by finding your gifts from the comfort of your own home.

holiday gifts

2) Jewelry lasts forever

What is it about women and their love for jewelry? Maybe it’s the sparkle and beauty or possibly that it’s a way to preserve a memory you can remember every day. Whatever the case, nearly all women love to receive jewelry from loved ones. On the receiving end, it’s a great gift that can last forever, as long as a quality item is received. On the giving end, jewelry can be a truly meaningful gift to give. The bonus about giving jewelry is that it is also fairly easy to shop for. We mentioned earlier that shopping online is a great way to reduce stress when it comes to holiday shopping, and jewelry is a great gift to find online. Another great thing about giving jewelry as a gift is that you have many options to choose items that don’t require a particular fit. Earrings, necklaces, and brooches for example are a one-size-fits-all option you can choose.

One important thing to consider when choosing jewelry however is the stone or gem in the piece. Many women prefer a particular stone to others. If you’re not sure what type of stone your family or friend likes, it’s best to go with something that is most commonly liked and well received, like alexandrite jewelry.

3) Make sure it comes from the heart

Whatever you choose to give, as long as you’ve put thought into your gift and given thought to what that individual may enjoy. If you’ve put thought into your gift it will be apparent to whoever receives it. The whole point of giving a gift to someone you love is to show that you love them and spent the time to put thought into finding something they will enjoy!

Written by Chris Fondell of Alaska Jewelry, a goldsmith gallery store located in Sitka, Alaska, devoted to selling Alaska’s finest jewelry.

Amazing Events Done Right

Putting together an event that you have in your head and making it a reality would require quite a bit of skills and knowledge that can be very difficult for the average person to tackle. There is a lot of work that would need to go into the transition between an event idea and taking it to the next level. In fact, it is likely that you could work on putting together an event for the next few months and still be nowhere close to having it become a reality.


The amount of time that you would need to devote to planning the event and having it go off smoothly would likely not be something that you could do without taking away from the things that you are already tasked with. If you have a job that requires you to perform, you should be able to focus on being as productive as possible. As such, you want to put the outcome of your event into the hands of people that can devote the time needed to have your event go off as you would like.

The easiest way for you to have a professional begin helping you make the transition between your imagination and reality would be to click on This company was started by two roommates living in a small apartment, they begin a very humble operation that has rapidly grown into an event planning company that has provided service to thousands of amazing events all around the country.

No matter where you would like to have your event held, the professionals at would be willing and able to provide you with the luxury experience that they are known for. The perfect lighting can have a very large impact on the success of your event. Lighting is important for the mood that exists within the event. Additionally, it creates comfort during performances that you do not want to do without. If you do not have your lighting done by a professional, the overall quality of your event is going to suffer.

When you call this event planning team, they would be willing and able to take care of the lighting that is going to ensure your event goes off as smoothly as possible. In addition to this, they would work on the design that your event follows so that you do not have to worry about biting off more than you can chew. Just because you want to have an amazing party or concert does not mean that you have knowledge about the design that would best fit your needs.

Also, you may not know what lighting is going to help you have the most impact on the audience. When you put your event into the hands of the right planners, you would be able to find comfort in knowing that everything is taken care of. Having the perfect event can seem impossible when you first begin planning, but this company can help you make this a reality.

Top 5 Jewellery Products You Can’t Live Without This Christmas

If you haven’t bought your loved one something special for Christmas yet, it’s about time to started getting your bottom in gear, because there’s only around one week until the big day and nobody wants to be out fighting the crowds on December 24th. Also, if you’re planning to order off the internet, most retailers are only guaranteeing delivery for another couple of days, which is why you really must place your orders now to avoid any disappointment. The last thing anyone want’s to be doing at 4pm next Tuesday afternoon is panic buying presents, so pay attention.

top 5

Below are my top 5 jewellery products sure to bring a smile to your partners face. Some are cheap; others are a little more expensive, but they’re all truly noteworthy and almost certain to impress whoever receives them. Take a few moments to read through, and I’m pretty confident you’ll find something suitable.

1 – Swarovski Sensible Small Heart Pendant

Nothing says “I love you” better than a heart on a chain, and so you definitely want to spend some time looking at this new design from Swarovski. The rhodium plated pendant with a clear pave crystal heart is simply irresistible and has been selling incredibly well for the last few months. Also, if you fancy getting a headstart, this item would also be suitable for Valentines day.

2 – Ti Sento Silver Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but unless you’ve got a few thousand pounds to spare, buying precious stones like this for Christmas is a little over the top, which is why the new designs from Ti Sento could be absolutely perfect for your loved one. With sparkling zirconias set in a rhodium plated sterling silver band, you really can’t go wrong.

3 – Eternity Rings – In General

There are far too many beautiful eternity rings available from jewellery stores and online to select a single one for this list, which is why I’ve decided to include them all. These products are ideal for letting someone know you love them without having to offer your hand in marriage. Also, they go down well as anniversary presents, so if you’ve had a December wedding in the past, eternity rings will do a good job at showing your wife you still care.

4 – Gucci Watches

As one of the most recognisable brand names in the world, Gucci has long been a favourite amongst watch buyers in the UK, and this looks set to remain consistent for the foreseeable future. It’s not just the ladies who can get something really cool though, if you follow the link in a moment, you’ll find some really fashionable and desirable Goldsmiths mens watches in the Gucci range.

5 – Guess Sophisticated Socialite Earrings

And finally, the single most beautifully crafted earrings available today have the be in the new range from Guess. The multistone design with bases created from rose gold plating is becoming the most sought after jewellery accessory of 2013. Who knows what will happen next year, but if you’re looking to buy before Christmas, you could definitely do a lot worse.

So, now you’ve read through the top 5 products and gained some much needed inspiration, what’s stopping you from placing your orders now and really impressing your partners over the festive season?

Have a fabulous Christmas folks!