Slash Your Business Travel Budget to Less Than Half

Looking for ways to save money on your business travel expenses? You may be surprised to find you’re already utilizing many money-saving tools right on your personal computer. However, if you aren’t up to date on the incredible techniques that can help you save, consider the following ways that the Internet can save you money on your travel costs.

It’s an Excellent Travel Agent

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One of the best aspects about the Internet is that it makes research simple. You can find the best deals on airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other expenses by researching and comparing different companies, just like a travel agent would do for you. There are many sites that offer this service, but my favorite is KAYAK. In fact, over the last decade, the amount of jobs available to travel agents has decreased because it’s so easy for people to research their own trips with the use of the Internet.

It’s a Spectacular Convenience

Along with making research easy, online booking is also just as simple. Since you don’t actually have to travel anywhere to book an airplane ticket or make hotel reservations, shopping online is beneficial. Additionally, booking your trip in advance, a feature that the Internet makes simple, can help you cut down dramatically on your travel costs—and all in the comfort of your living room.

It Provides Video Conferencing Options

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective aspects of the Internet, video conferencing can cut out an entire business trip. If you’re traveling to meet with business partners or other branches of your business, you could eliminate the cost of your travel by staying put. What’s more, there are numerous video conferencing programs available at no cost (two of my favorite are Skype and the Google+ hangouts), so you can meet with others for free without either party leaving their office.

It Features Money-Saving Apps

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The Internet is also useful for providing money-saving apps to business people, whether you use these apps on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Even using the scheduling apps most smartphones come preloaded with can help you plan a trip. You might also discover value in GPS apps that help you find your way to meetings and back to your hotel room, saving you precious time.

You Can Take it Anywhere

With many companies now offering Internet anywhere, such as on the 4G network, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for your hotel’s Internet (for extended trips, use a site like to find cheap options). Instead, you can pay your own monthly fee to take the Internet and your work with you anywhere you go.

With all these great aspects about the Internet, it’s no wonder that so many companies are using it in every area of their business. If you’re not already using the Internet for these purposes, you could save a lot of money if you start.


Top 3 Websites for Online Shopping Information

Nowadays, millions of people shop online and millions prefer to shop online than offline. If you don’t have online shopping options available through your business or website, you are missing out on a major way to make money. If you are interested in starting an online retail, there are good reasons to do so.

online shopping

Online shopping is convenient. It affords customers the opportunity to shop at their leisure 24/7 all day and every day of the week. They can shop during and after normal retail business hours and even on major holidays when most offline stores are closed. This means your business is making money while the brick and mortar store is closed or while you are asleep. Many people prefer to shop online because it saves them time and money.

In today’s culture, there are millions of people who shop online for everything from music to books to vehicles. With so many websites on the internet, it can be hard to find out what’s the best website for you to shop online for the items you want. You want to be able to find out the best online stores to avoid buying cheap items, endangering your bank information with unsafe sites, and never receiving the items you paid for.

You want to make sure the site is a trusted company not some remote, obscure site located in a certain part of the world. The best sites for online shopping will not have any pop up ads. These pop up ads are like spyware or they have a great deal of cookies attached to it that gather your personal information not necessarily your bank information; but gather your name , IP address and email across the internet to various sites. This is one way spam is created.

When you notice a pop up ad, never provide your information on these ads. It only creates spam, and can possibly open you up to someone stealing your personal information and creating viruses in your computer. The top 3 websites for online shopping information include the following: is one of the most popular and trusted sites that will provide you with information from the general public about certain online sites and items. If you want to find out if a site is legitimate or if others have purchased from the site, you can type in a question and find an answer.


Greatdeals is another popular website that provides a lot of information about various online stores to the consumer. But it also provides coupons, deals, and discounts to customers. The site lists a great deal of well-known companies that provides discounts or coupons to use when someone is looking to buy something online.

Ehow is another well-known website that provides valuable information about where and how to shop online and avoid scams and shady online websites.

A few other popular and trusted websites that provide online shopping information is Amazon, Overstock and Ebay. These sites provide reviews and ratings regarding different products and items. You can also buy items you want on these sites.


3 Most Popular Celebrity Fashion Designers in UK

Amy Childs Clothing

Amy Childs clothing was launched in 2012 and it has swimwear, dresses and casual clothes. The casual wear includes track suits and sleepwear that includes onesies and shorts. These come in a variety of colors such as bubblegum pink, hot pink, purple, turquoise and others. The swimwear has trendy bikinis and monkinis that come in various flattering colors and designs.

Amy Childs Clothing

Amy Childs dresses are some of the best in designer clothes because they are designed to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. The dresses are trendy yet classic. The 2013 summer collection boasts airy maxis and lace dresses which are fashionable yet weather appropriate. The also come in plenty of the seasons trendy colors such as yellow, mint green, coral, turquoise and black and white. There are pencil dresses, shift dresses, peplum dresses and body con dresses that come in various lengths such as mini, knee length and midi length dresses. There are also some very flattering summer must have maxis that come in various designs, prints and colors. Some of the trendy designs that the dresses feature is the Chevron design, monochrome colors and lace dresses. The clothing from Amy Childs clothing is affordable and of very good quality

Jessica Wright Clothing

Jessica Wright clothing line is designed to flatter the woman’s figure. The dresses feature plenty of lace and sequins and cling to the curves of a woman’s figure. Jessica Wright clothing is different from many other clothing lines as it injects a twist of personality on common designs of dresses.

Amy Childs Clothing

The Jess is a floral shift dress that is midriff bearing while there off shoulder pencil dresses in lace. All the designs incorporate a touch of sexiness while using the latest colors, prints and fabrics in the clothes. The dresses are also affordable with most retailing at less than 80 pounds.

Lydia Bright Clothing

Lydia Bright clothing is very trendy and girly. The dresses are girly and they are made with trendy fabrics and they also incorporate colors that are very in season. Some of the popular dresses in the celebrity clothing line are the swing dress which is loose and short so that it is fun. It has a lace top that forms cute cap sleeves that add a classic elegance to the dresses these come in a variety of colors such as black, white and nude. The pencil dresses have an added lace collar or lace sleeves which make the dresses look really feminine which is one of the largest appeals of this clothing line.

Amy Childs Clothing

There are shift dresses, body con dresses, mini dresses, maxi dresses and so many other types of dresses. They come in different colors and prints such as the embellished deco dress which has beautiful sequined detail that is perfect for a night out or a cocktail. The dresses are affordable and most cost less than one hundred pounds. Other clothing available is tops and shirts that of the same impeccable quality and detail as the dresses.


Do It Yourself Garden Overhauls

Working in the garden is something that many people find relaxing and rejuvenating. Garden work is a stress reliever and something that can provide that much-needed time outdoors after a busy day at work or taking care of the kids. Everyone loves having a great garden to spend time in, it’s a place of rest and respite, an area where plants bloom and life is abundantly present. But while many people have the space for a beautiful garden, they often find the area filled with weeds and completely overgrown. So how can you create a luscious garden for the first time? Is it necessary to employ a landscape gardening company to carry out the work for you? Absolutely not; a beautiful garden is something that anyone can achieve with a little creativity and ingenuity. You definitely do not have to have any kind of prior experience with gardening projects. In order to create this special space for yourself and your family to enjoy, follow our tips for a DIY garden makeover.

Garden Overhauls

Get rid of the weeds

The number one thing that will help get your garden moving forward is eliminating weeds from the flowerbeds. Weeds are extremely overpowering for the plants you want to grow, so it’s important to remove them regularly. Make sure that you always pull weeds out by the roots otherwise they will grow back quickly. After weeding, spread some rich soil with nutrients to help your plants grow. You might want to sprinkle weed killer over the soil after weeding, but this will depend on how organic you want your garden to be.


When you are ready to plant flowers and other plants it’s advisable to do some research beforehand. You can’t actually just go to the garden center, buy whatever plants look the most beautiful and plant them where you think they look good. This might work for a while, but your garden may not end up being very healthy. Some plants work together better than others and some might actually be toxic to their neighbors. So save yourself the time of having to replant and look into which plants will tolerate one another before you plant them.

Mowing regularly

It is important to keep your lawn mown regularly to add to the health and beauty of your garden. A nicely trimmed lawn is the hallmark of a wonderful garden, so mow weekly if possible and always mow on the highest recommended setting. If you mow your lawn too short, you will leave the grass vulnerable to disease and other problems.


The final touches on your gorgeous garden space can be some of the most fun elements. You can purchase rattan garden furniture that will add a comfortable and quaint touch to your outside space. Imagine sitting in your rattan chairs after work or on the weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the soothing sounds of a water fountain. Bring out some tables and enjoy a picnic or weekend brunch with family and friends. A garden is a space for people to gather and connect, so take advantage of all your hard work and spend time enjoying what you have created.

Lifestyle Makeup

Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Facial Today

Facials are a great way of improving the appearance of our skin, but not only that; they can help us to relax and unwind too! Facials are beneficial in many ways, especially when done once a week in conjunction with a good diet – your skin will glow like never before. Want to know why we think you should treat yourself to a facial today? If you ever needed an excuse to treat yourself, we’ve got them all here. Read on!


You’ll Get a Chance to Relax

Do you ever get a real chance to relax? If you’re a lady of leisure, you probably do…but who’s a lady of leisure these days? It’s very rare in our modern day hectic lives that people get a chance to just lie back, chill out, and take an hour to themselves. A facial will give you just that, plus many more amazing benefits.

You Deserve a Treat

We bet you work hard, most days. Whether that’s with a hectic work schedule, a grueling gym routine, or a couple of kids to look after – you deserve a treat. You’re probably always helping other people, doing so much for them and expecting so little in return. Why not treat yourself for once?

You Can Do it Yourself

Even if you don’t have the money for a professional facial at a salon, you can do it yourself at home for a fraction of the price. All you need is a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliant, and face mask to suit your skin type. For example, for more mature skin you could use Anti aging serum by vbeaute in place of the moisturiser. Spend plenty of time working the products into your skin, and while you have the mask on, lie back and relax. Stick a couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes to soothe them too!

Your Skin Will Improve

Your skin can improve straight away after just one facial. Your old, dull skin cells will be scrubbed away to reveal a brighter complexion underneath. It’s amazing! Plus, with regular facials you’ll notice a difference in skin imperfections, wrinkles, and other annoying things permanently.

You’ll Feel Refreshed

The second you finish your facial you’ll feel relaxed, but refreshed. Just looking at your new smooth skin can make you feel like a new woman!

You’ll Be Supporting Local Business

All towns need to support their local business in order for those towns to thrive. Go to a good salon in your area to support them, your town, and enjoy the benefits mentioned above while you’re at it! It’s like a good deed for both you and the salon.

Just Because!

Oh, why the hell not?! Just do it! You only live once, so just treat yourself to a facial today for no reason at all other than because you want to. You deserve it, babe!

Is that reason enough for you to get a facial? We thought so, now quick…head down to the salon to make your appointment before you change your mind!


Everything You Need To Know About Birthstones

The importance of the gemstones was known to people since the Babylon period. Its history goes back to nearly 3000 BC when the gemstones were considered to have magical properties. During that time, astrologers were consulted before buying any gemstone. The classification of the gemstones was done based on each zodiac sign. A color system was used to assign each gem to the zodiac sign. This system was followed by both Indian and Babylonian systems. Even though there was no documentation of the usage of birthstones till the 18th century, Josephus had proclaimed in his writings that there was a connection between the twelve months and the twelve stones in the High Priest’s breastplate. Poland was the first to use gemstones because of their therapeutic and medicinal properties. In the 18th century, people started wearing birthstones or zodiac stones in Poland.

birth stones

Significance of birthstones
Most people are drawn to the materials that are considered sacred. The birthstones have always been associated with good luck and good health so people are lured to wear the gemstone for their birth month. These beautiful natural gems are considered powerful and special by the wearer.

Meaning of Birthstones by Month

The birthstone for January is Garnet which is considered to provide safety to the wearer during travel. The Garnet is a beautiful deep, rich red or purple-red coloured stone that is known to bring luck and success to the wearer.

Amethyst, the birthstone of February gives courage to the wearer and improves his relationships. In ancient times, this gemstone was considered as a healing stone which would calm the wearer and reduce his anxiety. Amethyst originates from the Greek word “Amethystos” which means “sober”.

The March birthstone, Aquamarine is a blue colored gemstone and is thought of having healing properties. During ancient times, people believed that drinking the water in which this gem was soaked would cure ailments related to heart, liver and stomach. Another March birthstone is bloodstone that gives strength and increases physical strength of athletes and warriors.

The birthstone for April is diamond that comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means “invincible”. This gemstone is a symbol of everlasting love and was thought to provide courage to the wearer.

Emerald, the birthstone of May comes in a mesmerizing green hue that symbolizes success and happiness. It has originated from the French word “esmeralde” which means “green stone” and is associated with fertility, rebirth and love.

The birthstone for June is pearl which is considered a symbol of purity. It gives the wearer health and longevity properties. The two other birthstones for June are alexandrite and moonstone.

Ruby, the birthstone for July is termed as the “king of gems” by ancient Hindus and is believed to protect the wearer from evil. This dark red precious stone is associated with devotion and loyalty.

The August birthstone is peridot that symbolizes strength. This yellow-green coloured stone is found in volcanic ashes and is believed to protect the wearer from nightmares when it is paired with gold.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September and is believed to protect against evil and poisoning. Since, it is a symbol for purity and wisdom, many priests and kings prefer this gem.

The birthstone for October is opal that is a symbol for faithfulness and confidence. It originates from the Latin word “opalus” which means “precious jewel”. It is believed to protect the wearer’s eyesight and ward off evil.

The birthstone for November is topaz which is considered to increase the strength and intellect of the wearer. This gemstone symbolizes love and affection for others.

Turquoise, the birthstone for December symbolizes good fortune and success. It is regarded as a love charm and is known to protect the wearer from any harm. It relaxes the mind and repels evil spirits.

The gemstones are considered to have supernatural powers and so are attributed to good luck and protection. Astrologers believe that wearing the birthstone is very beneficial for the wearer.