Release Your Inner Artist With Splatter-Paint T-Shirts

Everyone has a bit of an artist in them, right? People are always happier if they let their inner artists come out to play once in a while. In order to have some fun, exercise your artistic abilities, and create some unique and fashionable t-shirts, assemble the ingredients for a splatter-paint session. You can do this alone or have a painting party with your friends. After your discount apparel online order has arrived at your home, all you need to do is gather up your paints, set up your in-house studio space, and create!

Splatter-Paint T-Shirts

Prep Time

First, order some cute t-shirts for your project. You can select one or more in your favorite colors, or just opt for white, because the paints will add pizzazz. Light colored t-shirts work best, but if you are set on darker hues, just use fabric paint that will show up on dark tones. Next, gather your paints and set up your in-home studio space. You will need:

  • Plain shirt(s)
  • Fabric-ready paint in several colors
  • A paintbrush
  • 1 large trash bag plus 2 smaller plastic bags

Cover your painting surface with the large trash bag, and stuff the smaller ones inside your shirt. That way, you’ll keep the paints from seeping through onto your furniture or the other side of your t-shirt. Depending on how messy you think you might be, consider cutting the larger garbage bag open, and then taping it securely in place.

The Splatter Paint Process

You might want to do some practice splattering before you begin to actually paint your t-shirt(s). Once you’ve practiced your wrist action to see what sort of results you can get by flicking the paints, it’s time to start decorating your actual garment.

  • Think about style patterns before you start. Do you want to cover just the front, one side, or create a splattered collar design? Make these choices before you begin.
  • Dip the paintbrush into your paint and get flicking. You might want to vary your splatter-techniques to create tiny dots as well as large spots. You can also use your paintbrush to add swirls or other artistic touches.
  • Consider doing this process to music, especially if you are having a group painting party. Art is always more fun when accompanied by backup tunes.
  • Work on one layer at a time; as one layer dries, add different colors, and be sure to start with the darkest hues first.
  • Let it dry, and then heat-press your creation(s) into permanence with your iron. Be sure to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.


Because of using the plastic bags, cleanup should be a snap. Be sure to wipe up any accidental spills before they dry, as the paint will come up much easier then. These paints are usually fully washable until they’re heat-set.


Your results will vary depending on your artistic flair, style of shirts chosen, and creative bent. You might end up with confetti-like results or something that looks like a brilliant rainstorm. You can also splatter-paint other clothing, such as sundresses, aprons, or floppy hats. Whatever you decide, just have fun! This is a great way to celebrate the playful artist who lives inside you. The more you let him/her out, the happier he/she and you will likely be.