look fantastic

The top 10 reasons it’s okay to stay in your PJs all day

Ice cream, chocolate, mac and cheese, massages, and pajamas—did we leave anything off the Heaven-on-Earth list?  Pajamas are so comfortable they’ve created jeans that feel like them. Any serious pajama wearer knows nothing beats the real thing.

No wonder people want to work from home.  You go to sleep feeling comfortable, wake up feeling comfortable, and get to work feeling comfortable.

Maybe all of life can’t be as comfortable as this but you should certainly carve out  days in your schedule for lounging around.  If you’re looking for motivation to indulge a bit, here are 10 reasons it’s okay to stay in your pajamas all day:

  1. You look fantastic
  2. You can stretch your dry cleaning bill
  3. Your room will stay clean
  4. It’s the weekend
  5. You will stay relaxed
  6. They’re soft
  7. They’ll keep you warm or cool
  8. They make you happy
  9. You can have a good time eating
  10. They’re the best for watching movies

You look fantastic

Why do millions of people tune in to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year?  Because they want to see the pajamas of course, ha!  Well, maybe not.  Seriously though, when you’ve got a stylish pair of pajamas with the cutest design, you can’t help but feel good.  So keep them on all day and sneak peeks at yourself in the mirror.

look fantastic

You can stretch your dry cleaning bill

No need to waste an outfit unnecessarily.  Stay in your pajamas and don’t worry about picking out something to wear.

Your room will stay clean

Speaking of clothing, isn’t that the main culprit of an untidy room?  “Should I wear this dress, or these pants, or this skirt? What about this top?”  Next comes trying all the jewelry to match.  Before you know it, there is a pile of clothes on the bed and no time to put everything away.  Not on a PJs day! You just bound out of bed and smile because your room is going to look good and stay clean all day.

It’s the weekend

If you’re even considering staying in your pajamas all day, chances are it’s the weekend.  No rushing around, fighting traffic, or sitting on the train.  Most importantly this means no need to get dressed.

You will stay relaxed

Your bedroom suit, also known as PJs, is just conducive to relaxing.  When you’re wearing pajamas, you can’t really take anything seriously but a Real Housewives marathon can you?  What a great way to keep your mind at ease and get some well needed rest and relaxation.

They’re soft

No matter what kind of material your PJs are made of, you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing: They are going to be soft!  Cotton, satin, flannel and fabric blends. They’re all going to feel like butter on your skin!

They’ll keep you warm or cool

Let’s face it.  We know you have more than one set of PJs.  You can have warm flannels, thermals and flapjacks for winter, breathable light weight cotton pajamas for fall and spring, and a nice cool night shirt for summer.

They make you happy

Say “mad” and “pajamas” out loud in the same sentence.  Just doesn’t sound right, huh?  How can you be mad in a pair of pajamas?  That’s reason enough to stay in them all day.  Pajamas pretty much come with a happiness guarantee.

You can have a good time eating

Pajamas are the most amazing and practical fashion statement ever.  They’re super cute to begin with but you can also eat all you want, even if your eyes get a little bigger than your stomach.  After that big stay-at-home brunch, your pajamas’ waistline will be very forgiving.

They’re the best for watching movies

Marathon sitcom or movie days are the best.   There is no better way to enjoy them than in your comfortable pajamas.  Load up the DVD player because you’re about to have one awesome day in the best “outfit” ever.  Break out the popcorn and kick back in your PJs! Shhhhh!  We won’t tell, we promise.