The Ultimate Guide to Looking Classy

Looking classy is definitely a skill. Some of the most gorgeous, desirable women in the world are the classiest out there. They know all of the secrets to looking hot, but draw the line between classy and trashy perfectly. If you’d like to be one of these classy ladies, use this guide to help you:


Keep Makeup Light

Classy people never pile on too much makeup. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t experiment with your look, but you should definitely avoid wearing too much tan, bronzer, or eye makeup. Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. If you do want to wear a little more makeup one day, make sure you only emphasize your lips or eyes, never both.

Make Sure Hair is Clean

Classy people always have clean, nice smelling locks. If you don’t, you can always use dry shampoo. If you suspect your hair is a little greasy, wash it or use dry shampoo, don’t leave the house and take your chances!

Don’t Flash Too Much Flesh

Classy people never flash too much flesh or wear provocative clothing. You wouldn’t want to look easy, or like you’re trying too hard. Outfits that cover us up but still flatter our shape look way better than outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Don’t forget your accessories when you’re going somewhere nice! For day to day wear, a watch and a pair of earrings may suffice. If you’re going out, diamond jewelry always looks elegant and never goes out of style. It’s always better to buy diamond jewelry in person so that you know you’re buying high quality pieces. For jewelry stores in Houston try Whiteflash. The advice you’ll get from a physical store is invaluable.

Be True to Yourself

Just because you’re trying to be classy, doesn’t mean your personality needs to go out of the window. Always be true to yourself.

Always Dress to Impress

It’s much better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Dress to impress wherever it is you’re going, and you’ll build a reputation as a classy lady. This doesn’t mean you should wear a party dress everywhere you go; just make sure you’re wearing high quality clothing.

Stand Up Straight

There’s no such thing as a classy lady who slouches! Practice standing up straight and your back will thank you in years to come.

Say Nice Things About People

Although saying nice things won’t change your appearance, it can change the way that people view you. Classy people never speak ill of other people; they usually say nice thing about people, even when the other person will never find out.

It may seem strange at first, but you can learn the art of being classy with plenty of practice and discipline. Don’t change who you are, simply aim to build up your reputation by using the tips in this guide. Oh, and don’t ever talk about how classy you are. That is definitely not classy. Good luck!