7 Shopping Tips For Buying Lingerie On Your Wedding

Rings, check. Church and reception, check. Wedding invites, check. Food, check. Wedding dress, check. Seems like you figured everything out, or isn’t it? Apparently, there is something important that should also be included in your checklist: wedding lingerie.

Every bride deserves to look and feel like a queen on their wedding night. To make sure everything is perfect, here are seven tips on how to buy lingerie on your wedding.

  1. If you have small breast, choose something that will distract your guy’s attention from your breast to other areas in your body such as your waist or legs. Feathers, lace, ruffles or even non-sheer type of bra with a little detail can be a good option. You can also try body jewelry such as belly chain or lacy garter belt. Remember, when you lack something up there, let the eyes focus on other areas where you are blessed.
  2. If you have big boobs, then congratulations. It’s only a matter of how to work with it. Choose lingerie with underwire or a bra that comes in a halter style to help lift and enhance your asset. If you want to make your breasts look smaller, then go for Spandex or Lycra material to give it a more subtle look.
  3. If you have a large bottom and bigger breasts, then don’t be afraid to show it off. A long gown with sheer top or anything straight-lined cut is perfect for you. A piece of advice – say no to tight fitted waist styles.
  4. If you have issues with your belly area, don’t worry. Millions of women feel the same way. Therefore, go for lingerie styles that are loose fitting in the waist area. Accentuating your flattering areas such as legs or your breasts is also a best way to divert one’s attention on your belly. Don’t be afraid to use fancy bra and underwear. But if you really want a flatter waist line, try a waist clincher.
  5. If you have short legs, long gown with slit in the leg area is a definite pleaser. You can also try baby doll styles since it shows your legs and gives you a taller look.
  6. Consequently, if you have long legs, vertical stripes or cuts can be flattering. If you can find lingerie with tops or skirts that tie around the waist, much better.
  7. Experiment. Sure, you were able to choose a style that enhances your assets and hide your insecurities. Still, make it a point to go out of your comfort zone and surprise your man with a style you don’t usually wear. Seduce him with an undergarment such as thong and hide it somewhere on his pocket or even on his desk to add up spice and excitement for the night that’s about to come.

Don’t forget your heels and wear that erotic and sexy look on your face to complete the look.


4 Simple Style Secrets 2014

The spring/summer season in the world of fashion is the most exciting season of all. Now is the time to come out of your shell and show the world what a talented fashionista you are. In the past few months, we have seen dramatic changes in style and fashion. Pieces have gone in and out of trend faster than any of us could notice. Does anyone remember Miley Cyrus in a leotard for example? I think I’ve proved my point.

The best way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to this year’s fashion is to pick out some classic pieces. You can be sure that these pieces will not be going out of style anytime soon, so spending a little extra and investing in them is a great idea. If you think that it is time to revamp your style, then you have come to the right place. Here are just four simple style secrets for 2014.

Simple Style Secrets

Invest In A Colourful Handbag

A colourful handbag is an ideal way to stand out from the crowd. Many women opt for black or grey handbags. The type of woman who does this is telling the world that she doesn’t want to stand out. She will do anything to fade into the background. This type of woman is not who you want to be.

Instead, invest in a colourful statement handbag, which will set you apart from other women. In an ideal world, you would get a Chanel side bag in blue or red as these are stylish at the moment. If you cannot afford the Chanel price tag though, opt for something similar from the high street. Top Shop have a fabulous range of handbags and are always at the forefront of trends.

Watches Are Timeless

If there is one rule that you should follow when buying new clothes and accessories, it is to get a good watch. Many women fail to invest in a high-quality watch, even though this will attract a lot of attention and is also functional.

Watches for women are a timeless accessory and one, which should be a feature on every woman’s wrist. Try looking for something simple, yet sleek such as one with a leather strap. Every woman should take the chance to invest in a quality watch which will last her a lifetime.

Maxi Skirts Are Still In

The maxi skirt has been a recurring theme within fashion over the last few summers. There are many reasons that people love this item of clothing so much. A maxi skirt is perfect for a wide range of body shapes and looks flattering on all women. A skirt in this style also allows women to express themselves in summer, without exposing too much.

When paired with a simple crop top, a maxi skirt can do wonders for your body. The strip of skin which people can see between your skirt and top is your rib cage, not your stomach. Showing off this area gives the illusion that you have a washboard stomach, when this may not exactly be the case.

But, So Are Mini Skirts

For those of you that are more daring, though the mini skirt is also a great piece. Lately there has been a surge towards 1960″s style fashion and this item epitomises that trend. If you are going to opt for a mini skirt, go bold. There is no point being shy with this trend, as it just won’t work. Choose an item in a bold and daring colour to show people that you are in control of the look.

By following these simple style secrets, you will look and feel fabulous this year. Don’t be shy when choosing items. Express yourself and have some fun with your look.


Buying Trendy Cargo Pants And Shorts Online Is The Best Way To Go For Your Budget

If you’re a parent, it may seem like only yesterday that your children were babies. Let’s say that you had three boys. Just recently, you can remember them learning to crawl, or saying their first words. Now they are 14, 15 and 17 years old. You can no longer go into a department store and buy them clothing that is on sale or on clearance. Everything that they wear has to incorporate their image or as they would say their “brand”. If you sent them to school or work in bargain store clothes, they’d be embarrassed, and you’d feel as though you’d let them down. But you know better than that. Since you want your boys to have the best of everything that’s available on the market, you probably want to find them brand-name clothes – even though those sorts of items don’t always seem like they might fit into your budget. It’s always worth it to let them bring out their own sense of style in how they dress.

Each one of your boys has a different personality, but they all pretty much have the same exact taste in clothes. They all like to wear what is in style and stay current with the latest fashion trends. This year is no different; they all want Jordan Craig camo shorts to wear. They like to pair them with a cool t-shirt or tank tops. They of course have to have the latest trend in shoes too. From head to toe they seem to want to be a walking label – but that’s all fine with you, as long as you can afford it..


However, shopping for all three boys on a budget can be challenging when buying name brand clothing. Not only is it hectic to weave in and out of the traffic in the mall, but it can be hard to corral your kids around to different stores, not to mention the fact that the sizing is inconsistent and the stock can be spotty. After a certain point, you may simply decide that enough is enoughand head to the internet to see what you can find on an online store like The Image.

This is the best route to take if you find yourself in a situation like this; find an online store that has the clothes you want and the ability to save you money. You’ll be able to shop within your budget limits without overspending, all the while wearing your pajamas in a comfy chair. Now every couple of months when you buy your kids some new clothes, you can just head over to The Image instead of a crowded mall.


How to Buy Fabric Online for the Perfect Party Dress

First think about what type of party you are going to attend. Is this a formal gathering, a night of dancing with your friends or maybe a simple low-key house party? When planning your dress consider your best features and how you want to present them. There are free online dress patterns if you need them. Now comes the fun part, picking your fabric. Avoid the long lines at old often pricey, fabric stores and enjoy the simplicity of being able to buy fabric online. Look closely at the colors, textures, patterns and the yardage available. Feel free to open up multiple tabs if you need to so as to compare different fabrics.


Unlike traditional shopping, you can buy online anytime, especially when traditional stores are closed. Keep in mind that you will need a little more fabric than just the bare minimum so that you have enough fabric for seam allowance and a little extra in case you want to make accent pieces like bows or a last minute set of cuffs for the sleeves. Seam allowance is the space between the edge of the fabric and where you will put your stitches. Keep in mind that there maybe sales available and also look for discounts for close-outs or remnants. Lastly, take your time when you buy fabric online, as unlike in a retail store, your options are endless. There are fabrics to fit every type of dress.

Cottons or Calicos: 100 percent cotton fabrics are the most common. These come in designer fabrics with really unique, on trend prints and seasonal fabrics. Next is satin (so soft and very silk like) and actual silks. Also consider Jersey Knits, a soft and stretchy fabric a lot like that favorite t-shirt. Jersey Knits can be a little harder to sew because of the stretch of the fabric, but they also can be used to create comfortable body contouring cute dresses that have that nice cotton breathability to them.

When you buy fabric online really look at the pictures and read the descriptions. Everything on the site has been placed there for your convenience and don’t feel bad about contacting customer service with any questions. Once you have found your fabric simply decide how much of it you want and click to check out. Shipping options will display on-screen, and you will have saved yourself a trip to the fabric store.


Top 3 Websites for Online Shopping Information

Nowadays, millions of people shop online and millions prefer to shop online than offline. If you don’t have online shopping options available through your business or website, you are missing out on a major way to make money. If you are interested in starting an online retail, there are good reasons to do so.


Online shopping is convenient. It affords customers the opportunity to shop at their leisure 24/7 all day and every day of the week. They can shop during and after normal retail business hours and even on major holidays when most offline stores are closed. This means your business is making money while the brick and mortar store is closed or while you are asleep. Many people prefer to shop online because it saves them time and money.

In today’s culture, there are millions of people who shop online for everything from music to books to vehicles. With so many websites on the internet, it can be hard to find out what’s the best website for you to shop online for the items you want. You want to be able to find out the best online stores to avoid buying cheap items, endangering your bank information with unsafe sites, and never receiving the items you paid for.

You want to make sure the site is a trusted company not some remote, obscure site located in a certain part of the world. The best sites for online shopping will not have any pop up ads. These pop up ads are like spyware or they have a great deal of cookies attached to it that gather your personal information not necessarily your bank information; but gather your name , IP address and email across the internet to various sites. This is one way spam is created.

When you notice a pop up ad, never provide your information on these ads. It only creates spam, and can possibly open you up to someone stealing your personal information and creating viruses in your computer.

The top 3 websites for online shopping information include the following: is one of the most popular and trusted sites that will provide you with information from the general public about certain online sites and items. If you want to find out if a site is legitimate or if others have purchased from the site, you can type in a question and find an answer.


Greatdeals is another popular website that provides a lot of information about various online stores to the consumer. But it also provides coupons, deals, and discounts to customers. The site lists a great deal of well-known companies that provides discounts or coupons to use when someone is looking to buy something online.

Ehow is another well-known website that provides valuable information about where and how to shop online and avoid scams and shady online websites.

A few other popular and trusted websites that provide online shopping information is Amazon, Overstock and Ebay. These sites provide reviews and ratings regarding different products and items. You can also buy items you want on these sites.