The General And Personal Symbolisms of Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

The year 1477 is when engagement rings started. It was the first-ever diamond ring offered as a token in the times of Archduke Maximillian and Mary of Burgundy. The materials used to create rings back then depended on the status of the couple.

For instance, iron rings are ideal for ordinary people while the royalties can buy gold and silver rings. The popularity of this kind of gem spread out with various symbolisms, and to look for these premium diamond rings, Bejouled is the place you should visit!

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General Symbolisms of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are initiated as a bride price. This is why quality is important in choosing a ring because of what it represents. It will determine the social and financial status of the groom.

The ancient Romans wore an engagement ring on the left finger believing the veins are connected to the heart. This is called vena amoris. It is similar to other cultures which are still applied up-to-date.

One thing to note is the round ring shape which is very symbolic and sacred. It represents infinity, with no beginning and end. This satisfies wholeness in bringing together two persons in love.

The United States began to celebrate wedding ceremonies for families involved in World War II. It is the double ring matrimony wherein men serving the country would remarry their wives before leaving. Engagement rings will serve as the wedding gem and are only given to the bride. As a result, the market for engagement rings continues to expand.

Personal Symbolisms of Engagement Rings

Most couples are sentimental in picking an engagement ring. It comes with a wide range of symbolism that connects to the old traditions.

First, engagement rings represent a family knot that varies from one tradition to another. Those planning to get married can customize a ring to make it more personal and unique. It may contain letters, memorable dates, and even words to illustrate the relationship.

Furthermore, using birthstones has more symbolism to offer. Couples incorporate such gems to heighten important dates of their relationship. Each ring can contain three different stones to represent relationship stages. They are cut in distinct shapes wherein emerald is the most popular choice.

While some couples may engrave text on the ring. This is very rare and other cultures might not agree as the process weakens the material and they said, it symbolizes misfortune. Consequently, modern couples find it more unique and for them, it represents better intimacy.

Finding The Best Engagement Ring For You

Getting the right engagement ring for your partner is hard as it seems. Unlike in the past, new ring ideas begin to exist making it more difficult to decide which one is best. The gem is shared by couples with great commitment to each other. So, it has to be good and well-chosen.

Below is a list of factors to help you choose a ring for your better half.


Budget is critical to look for a decent engagement ring. It may be costly, however, there are effective cash-saving tips. Buying a ring past your financial plan is something you would not regret either.

Ring costs won’t get low, especially the golden ones. If not fortunate enough, decide to purchase a more subtle carat stone. While certain manufacturers would sell a ring set that lessens cost than a solitaire ring.

Ring Material

The best materials for making engagement rings are metal, precious stones, and gold. Every choice contrasts in strength and final look when the ring is worn. Select the ring material that matches your partner’s style.

Gold rings seem more affordable and simple to keep up with. There are three major factors to consider while buying rings – the carat level, variety, and cut. Choose according to your budget and specific expectations.

Ring Style

Every couple has their inclinations in bits of gems they buy. Your partner’s family and closest friends may give you thoughts about the ring style. Pay attention to the details because girls would love that.

The ring shape matters. It very well may be a heart shape to show love or an oval to simplify it. Once more, it will rely upon the character of your partner.

However, some couples would like to modify a ring making it more sentimental. It might be inspired by a birthstone or revising an old ring to look as good as new. Your better half will surely appreciate whatever ring style you pick.


After choosing the ring material and style, deciding on the right size ring is the real challenge. One way to track down your partner’s ring size is to sneak on its old rings. Nonetheless, measuring the ring finger in secret will be more accurate.

Final Thoughts

If you are still undecided about which engagement ring to buy, be creative instead and think of the symbolism. Make it more personal instead of a traditional thing but do not forget the real meaning of engagement rings.

The symbolism of engagement rings relies on the couple’s belief. Generally, the ring represents fidelity over relationships with the gem quality that matters in the past and even today. While the personal symbolisms of engagement rings depend on ethnic traditions. It is used to honor family heirlooms during the ancient days and currently represents love and intimacy.

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