A Few Sweat Absorbing and Sweat Resistant Materials

sweat proof t shirt

Finding a top-quality sweat proof t shirt is no lesser than a boon in the prickling summer season. There are several brands in the market that make use of “sweat-absorbing”, “sweat-wicking”, “moisture wicking” and “sweat-absorbing” terms that can be confusing.

Here are a few materials from which a sweat proof t shirt is made of.

Top Choices for the Sweat Absorbing Fabrics:

Here are a few top choices for the sweat-absorbing fabrics: Cotton, Merino wool, bamboo, and linen.


This fabric is the most desirable one when it comes to choosing the breathable fabrics that offer airflow for drying out any kind of dampness whatsoever. Cotton is a natural fiber and it absorbs moisture in a far better way. This is the reason why sweat-proof tees made up of cotton are highly preferred. Since cotton absorbs moisture very easily and hence pit stains can be an issue.


Another fabric that is preferred for making sweat-proof tees is bamboo. Bamboo is high in quality, breathable, and made up of ultra-soft materials. Bamboo is hygienic and is resistant to odor, mildew, bacteria, and molds. Even after several washes, these tees do not catch bacteria or other microbes.

Merino Wool:

Merino wool is one of the most preferred natural fibers which take the sweat away. When sweat evaporates as a vapor, it produces a cooling effect. Tees made up of merino wool can be worn all year round and can regulate body temperature.

Sweat resistant fabrics:

There are certain sweat resistant and sweat wicking fabrics that can be great choices for sweat proof tees.


Polyester is a durable and water resistant fabric but it cannot absorb sweat. In fact, it may make you sweat more. Moisture sits on the skin or pushes to the outer layer. It is not a very good choice for sweat proof tees.


Rayon is light in weight and does not trap heat anyway because it is a synthetic fabric and it repels moisture and does not absorb it. Sweat proof t-shirts made up of rayon are high in demand.

Cotton/Lycra Blend:

Cotton is a highly absorbent fabric but when it is combined with Lycra, the combination traps moisture as well as heat. It creates a breeding ground for sweat when tight clothes are worn.


Nylon is found in active wear. It is 100% synthetic and so it is not a very good and impractical choice for those who sweat very much. Nylon is not breathable and traps heat as well as moisture easily and hence wearer sweat more.

Most of the sweat resistant and moisture wicking fabrics are made up of synthetic materials. Sweat wicking performance materials are costly.


Sweat-proof t-shirts are anti-bacterial and bring down the body odor to a great extent. Tees made up of polyester, rayon, cotton, Lycra, and nylon, etc. are some of the top choices. These tees are breathable and super comfortable.

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