Benefits of Amla Powder for Weight Loss and Increasing Body Metabolism

amla for weight loss and better health

A lot of our readers have been asking us about the benefits of amla power for weight loss. These questions clearly have become a lot more common during the recent obesity crisis.

We decided to share some tips to help you learn more.

Choosing Amla Powder for Weight Loss

Benefits of Amla Powder for Weight Loss

Among a lot of health issues, obesity is the major one. It is also known as the root of every health problem. It may be due to many reasons, including genetic, eating fast foods, leisure lifestyle, and physical conditions. But the most vital question is how to control it. Men and women go to nutritionists and different doctors for supplements for weight control. Some do dieting and exercise, but only rear methods work in this situation. In this article, we’ll discuss how to control weight by natural ingredient as Amla powder for treating weight loss and its benefits for health. It provides healthy and shiny hair as well. Most People use it by drying and boiling as a shampoo along with other ingredients.

What is Amla and how is it obtained?

If you are interested in weight loss treatments, amla can be a good option. Amla is also called Indian gooseberry and scientifically known as “Emblica Officinalis.” It acquires from a medium-sized tree having oblong-shaped leaves with a lemon smell. It is a round green small fruit, sour and tangy in taste and beneficial for health in many ways. You can eat it with milk. It will increase your immunity. Moreover, it can also use as a supplement and for culinary purposes and Ayurvedic formulations. Amla powder is effective for losing weight due to its high potency and medical benefits Amla.

It is a low-calorie food with only 44 calories in 100 gm of serving. It is considered a powerhouse of many nutrients like vitamin C, dietary fiber, and all others. It burns body fat along with increasing body immunity.

Nutritional profile:

Amla is nutritionally beneficial for everyone. It is a rich source of all organic ingredients essential for a healthy lifestyle. Amla has calories, dietary fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin A & C, and calcium. That’s why it has anti-oxidative properties as well. 100 gm of Amla has a total of 44g calories, 4.3 gm dietary fibers, 10 gm carbohydrates, 0.9 gm proteins, 6% vitamin A, 31% vitamin C, and 2% calcium and necessary micronutrients as potassium, vitamin B, copper, sodium and manganese. Thus, it is a complete package of everything that helps you to reduce body weight and get a dreamy body.

How can we use amla as a weight loss treatment?

Amla can use in many ways, such as Amla juice, raw, and dry Amla, Amla Powder, Amla candy, and amla pickle. For weight loss, the Amla blend with honey and Aloe juice mixture is perfect. All of these work, but Amla powder is more effective in this regard as it has hypolipidaemic properties in balancing the body’s metabolism.

Amla Powder:

Amla powder is a dried and powdered form of the Amla. It also helps to reduce weight. Moreover, in the manufacturing of Triphala, Amla is added along with bibhitaki and haritaki powder. It acts as an antioxidant along with fibers, proteins, and vitamins and helps the body to burn calories and gaining a perfect body shape. It has anti-Fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic, and pharmacological properties as well. 

How to use Amla for weight loss?

For fruitful results, add 2-3 tbsp of the organic Amla powder in water and drink it in the morning empty stomach. It will help to reduce weight in weeks. But the exact time depends on body weight. You can use it in the evening for about 2 hours before the meal as well.

You can also prepare Amla tea along with Amla powder and ginger that also works effectively for weight loss.

But if your stomach is too sensitive, then use it in less quantity because it is a bit acidic.

Benefits of Amla powder:

Amla powder is perfect, healthy, and effective as it is a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C. There are a lot of weight loss benefits of amla.

When there is more intake of food,  then free radicals are produced by poor digestion that leads to an increase in oxidative stress level due to stored food and causes different diseases. The antioxidants in the Amla powder neutralize these oxidants and reduce the stress level. Due to this, the body consumes the stored fatty acids and loses the fats.

Moreover, Amla powder is a large source of chromium that controls the carbohydrate metabolism, sugar regulation level, digestion, and intake of nutrients that is a substantial step for weight loss.

Fibers also play a vital role in this by wrapping themself around food particles that boost digestion, reduces the rate of sugar level and insulin response. Vitamin C also reduces body fats.

It is also rich in protein that is responsible for muscle development, cellular growth, and increases other metabolic activities. Moreover, it boosts the energy level and also helps to control cravings that are the main factor for weight enhancement. It maintains hair growth and also helps in treating many skin issues. It is also helpful in controlling blood pressure.

It also relieves body pain and inflammation in case of injury and any health issue.

Side effects:

We know that excess of anything is bad for health. Same as too much consumption of Amla may cause disadvantage instead of benefit. Its excess consumption may lead to hyperacidity as it has an acidic character, damage to the liver, and increase bleeding due to elasticity in the blood vessel by an excess of vitamin C. So use it in an adequate amount for fruitful results daily in the morning or before 2- hours of meal or dinner.

Amla is Ideal for Weight Loss

There are a lot of great weight loss benefits of amla. It will prove to be very useful.

Tagline: You should consider the benefits of using amla for weight loss.

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