This Summer Best Designer Swim Shorts

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A good pair of designer swim shorts is one way to make yourself stand out on the beach of the summer. Swim shorts can be matched up to the latest trends, and can also be found in designer styles that can be both comfortable and highly fashionable. With this in mind, what are some of the best designer shorts to look out in the summer of 2013? Moreover, how should they be worn, and what are some of the things that should be avoided when you’re choosing your shorts?


The Best Designer Shorts to Look Out For

Popular brands for swim shorts at the moment include designers that traditionally combine wearability with their own distinctive trademark. Ralph Lauren, for example, are using swim shorts as a way to experiment with pastel colours and simple but effective designs. You can also find Vilbrequin shorts that feature prints and Mediterranean inspired graphics, as well as BOSS Killfish shorts that feature bold primary colours.

If you want a classic nylon and bright pair of swim shorts, then Lyle & Scott are a good option to go for this summer. Alternatively, if you want to inject a bit of street style into your swim wear, then Boy London offer branded shorts that prominently feature its logo. Orlebar Brown shorts, by comparison, include distinctive wicker prints, while Paul Smith check swim shorts can be worn to keep you on trend.

Wearing Tips

Making the most of swim shorts is a relatively straightforward process; always go for well fitted shorts, and ensure that you try a few different styles before deciding on a final pair. Board shorts are one of the most common options to take, but you can also wear shorter styles if you don’t want to cover up your legs too much. Baggier shorts below the knee should still be short enough, though, to not look oversized.

It’s also worth thinking about how you can pair swim shorts with other items; board shorts work well with designer vests and high quality polo shirts, while printed t-shirts with graphics can also be a good idea. If you want an alternative to wearing flip flops on the beach, espadrilles can be an excellent slip on shoe – make sure that you don’t get them too wet, though. A good way to make the most of swim shorts is to accentuate bright colors with neutral t-shirts, while also matching designer shorts with branded sunglasses and hats.

Some basic things to avoid when it comes to wearing designer swim shorts are as follows; avoid overly clashing colors, and don’t skimp on getting well fitted shorts, even if it takes more time and costs more money. Similarly, make an investment in a good pair of designer swim shorts, and you’ll be able to avoid the perils of inexpensive swim shorts, which can include fraying and rapid fading in the sun.

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