Top Tips to Properly Accessorize Mother of the Bride Dress

Properly Accessorize Mother of the Bride Dress

So you’ve finally found the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding and you’re probably excited to help her and her fiancé put all the finishing touches for their big day. However, just when you thought you have all the bases covered, you realized that you still need to find the right accessories for your attire.

As you are probably aware, every great dress will only look complete with the right accessories. So finding pieces that will complement your MOB dress should never be considered an afterthought. Here’s how to put the bling and style on your wedding day look.

Bride Dress

Seek guidance from the bride

Sure, you want your individuality to shine through and picking your own accessories will help you do just that. However, it is also a good idea to consult with the bride because she might have some parameters or guidelines when it comes to accessories–stick with crystal accessories, stay within the pearl family or avoid wearing bracelets, etc. Taking this step will ensure that you don’t end up wearing a piece that is not consistent with the bride’s requirements.

Take cue from the bridesmaids

As the mother of the bride, you are not required to wear the same accessories as the bridesmaids. However, you can complement your pieces with theirs. For instance, if the bridesmaids are wearing sparkly jewellery on their hair, you can wear a sparkly brooch to create a unique look for yourself but works together aesthetically with the rest of the bride’s entourage.

Stick with simple pieces

Remember that simple is elegant and this applies well when using accessories. The point here is that you should choose at least one or two pieces that make a stunning statement. For instance, if your dress is iridescent, a pair of simple earrings and a bracelet are enough to complete the look.

Forget the time

While you do value time, it’s better if you will just leave your watch at home. After all your daughter’s wedding is not the day to think or worry about time. It is an occasion that should be savoured. If you wear a watch, you might just end up frequently checking it, which is not a good etiquette when such a momentous occasion is being held.

Shoes that fit

This is not the time to wear designer shoes. What is important is to pick a lower priced pair that goes well with your outfit and will allow you to walk comfortably. Shoes that are in nude tone or shades of platinum or gold work well with various coloured MOB dresses. As for the height, opt for a pair with moderate heel height (two inches), as this is enough to help make your legs look longer, while steel letting you walk without teetering.

Purse it

Bringing a small purse is a good way to keep your touch-up essentials handy. There are a number of purse styles to choose from, including drawstring pouches, wrist-strap bags and clutches. Pick one whose size is enough to stash away your lipstick and other make up essentials and complements your wedding day attire in style and colour.

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